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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 40

Here we are. Looks like 2 exits. One way east, one southeast. I'm in the bottom part that isn't a square room. The worm-body if you will.

Man, these guys are all slaves? Some of the strongest monsters I've encountered and they are slaves? Maybe his leader isn't such a sissy.

Okay, I'll find the leader. Thanks.

Are they eating, mixing food, or banging on tiny drums?

I snoop every room because that's what I do. By sheer luck I hit this guy almost immediately. He tells me the story.

Why don't you tell the other slaves then? Duh!

Well that explains that.

Babau? It sounds a lot like a certain Ocelot. I bet the Babau are as cute and playful as the one on Archer.

Oh my god shut up already I'll figure it out on my own. On another note; I think I just realized why I sucked so bad at these games as a kid.

Some useful advice at least.

Go find a temple to the south, got it. Only one exit is south so this should be easy.

I found the leaders.

Get the shit out of my way I want to see Balkazar.

I drop the b-word and they let me through without incident.

The temple is kind of small. One room with some vulture things and a glowing area in the floor and a room with a shadow. We've seen all sorts of friendly shadows, so lets go there first.

Oh my god another longass story.

Make it stop make it stop make it stop

There is so much more to click through

Special healing chamber and the monsters (magera) out there were the original inhabitants of the temple. I got it. Let me go now please.

I need to heal the magera before I can use the healing chamber though.

Lets clear these vultures out.

They hit pretty hard, toughest creatures I've fought to be honest. By far. Half my attacks miss, so I am guessing they have some kind of special thing like "need +2 to greater weapons to hit"

Huh. I noticed I could interact with the mirror so I swung at it. Wonder if I messed up a small side-side-quest or something.

"Go get blindy"

And now the most aggravating thing happens. He has to follow me. I can only be like 10 steps in front of him. He moves slooooooow. It takes forever.

Leave the leaders to me. I'll convince them.

Jesus christ we're not even out of your cell yet.

Yes, leaders. Now let me and blindy through.

To the temple!

He stiffarms me, and runs into the healing room.

A flash of light and he comes back out.

You know where that is. You don't need me. You can see now for fucks sake!

Stop talking. I'm trying but you walk too fucking slow.

Leaders let us pass.

I could have left and gone to get the dagger and whatnot that Gabriel Pope just talked about, but that wouldn't be staying true to my crappy LP so I decide not to.

He heals his buddies.

And begins a speech, decrying the horror visited upon them.

I throw in my 2 cents.

And Blindy runs with it.

Haste? Fiiiine.

With a puff of smoke the devil appears. Dakolar. Bakolor. Dracula. I seriously have no idea what his name is and I've already desecrated his temple.

He summons some monkeys. These are not like babou at all. Babou just pisses a lot.

These things are tougher than the vultures. They hit for 40-60 damage.

A slave did 9 damage for me! Wooooo, NEW BEST FRIEND.

Kug does what she does best.

You already said that. Don't suppose you jackwads want to help? No? Cool, I expected that.

You guys want to help? No? Fuck all of you.

I go to the temple to heal and to chat again. He gives me a ring of +2 wisdom.

And that's it for today. In 18 hours I'll take on the dreaded... Dakolor. Bakolor. Whatever. I'll go east into his home base.