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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 41

In this update I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Also I lose 3 magic weapons and have to reload and then replay a from when the slaves were being healed. I dont show you the replay, but losing two +2 and a +1 weapon really ticked me off. Nothing in the book says the Babau can do what they do, but they do it.

His lair where nefarious things are done.

We got some caves up top that seem to be only accessible via little green-ringed portal stones. I am guessing those statues are badass. Did I ever tell you I hate mazes like this?

In the first room accessible to me are 2 babau's and a Magera. And the wizard.

The only creature in the entire rooms to the right is this dude hanging out in the kitchen.

I love the goooooooooold. Also Vrocks.

The evil wizard himself chilling in his bedroom.

His study, complete with books littered on the floor. I am sure they are unimportant

I move forward, get a warning.

A guardian appears. A level 2 guardian. If I was really low level, I would think "Level 2? I can handle that!" and charge in. I'd get creamed if I did that since everything else is very strong in here.

He had a magic ninja star. A bow is still better.

Another guardian blocks the only entrance.

He doesn't last long.

Oh no! They are going to transform him and he'll die! I must save him, he'll become my new BFF when I do because I'm a lifesaver.


Dude's really brainwashed with this whole transformation thing... Apparently he's not friendly to me and I have to fight him.

They all die easily.

I go to the kitchens to chat with this guy who is greyed out because my cursor is on him.

I try explaining that the transformation is a myth. He does not believe me and refuses to talk. This is why I wanted Blindy to come with me but noooooo

A babau comes to take him away for his transformation and tells me if I behave I might be transformed too.

I saw a sword up here that I want. I bet I have to fight these giant statues and can't just zip in and out for the sword.

Level 10. This is going to hurt.

Okay, the single guy didn't hurt, but there are 4 more in the big area.

Now I bounce around these damn islands and finally appear in the main area.

A good old fashioned 4v4 melee.

My two weaker hand-to-handers gang up on one.

Kug and Man'tis make short work of one, then move to the other two.

Kug finishes first.

And then she has to help weakling Aishlinn and Kornec.

Aishlinn got punched. Hard. A lot. She was knocked unconscious, hence the 1 hit point. If the thing had put her to -10(?) she would be DEAD instead.

Two minutes of randomly entering portals brings me to the sword.

1d8+2 with an unknown add-on.

Dagolor? Hah, I killed that pussy.

I'll never join you, DIE SCUM DIE

I begin with killing his Vrock companion.

He mages the shit out of me with wide area spell after spell. 30+ damage to multiple characters time and again.

I summoned an elemental to distract him. The elemental doesn't have +1 weapons so they won't be able to hurt the wizard.

The wizard doesn't like being touched, so he summons a Babau to help. Then he casts an area spell which takes hurts a lot.

His magic arrow or flame arrow or something just did 54 damage. Aishlinn has 51 hit points.

Slaying Man'tis has two +1 weapons, so he moves to engage. And misses. The wizard summons another Babau when I swung at him.

He moves away and lightning bolts our squad.

And summons more shit when Kug swings at him with her +2 swords.

Things are not going as well as I had hoped. I can't lay a hand on the fucker.

That'll do donkey. RELOAD

Right about now I remember hearing something about 'focus point' or some shit from Blindy or the shadowman in the temple. I guess I'll start punching his bed and shit.