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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 42


I start by visiting the library. There are 4 books to read, I will try to just show the interesting bits because it was like 10 screenshots per book.

This one tells of a magical device that can dispel demons from another plane. Interesting.


A book made out of human flesh I assume? A demon summoning book? Very interesting.

Last book. No idea.

Okay, so it's the mirror. Got it. Time for a rematch!

This time I tell him I'll join him because I already know I can fight him here in his room, so I tell him I'm on his side instead. He tells me he'll summon the Unnamed One and teleports us both to the temple.

I don't know much about demon summoning, but I think 'fucking up the incantation' ranks up there with 'forgot to bring a sacrifice'

The demon is not amused, sends 4 fire elementals (level 12, not the LESSER kind, the actual fire elementals) to deal with us.

We punch them to death like we've done to everything else. I never take a hit.

Now do you remember how this is OPERATION DON'T BE DUMB? Right about now I see shitloads of experience. Unlimited experience if you will.

Hey, try again! Worst case scenario I have to kill a hugeass demon. Best case: Free experience.

The demon says: "You will never be able to summon me" but all I hear is "WOOOOO UNLIMITED EXPERIENCE!"

Again? Uno mas.

4th time's the charm!

5th time's the charm?


May as well try again! I've taken some damage on everyone except Kug. Kug is apparently invincible.

Well, you were close! Try again!

Swing and a miss, dumdum.

Maybe one more?

And then I tell him he can go ahead and die.

He summons a Vrock, but I have eyes only for that mirror.

Man'Tis keeps the Vrock occupied while the other three go punch the mirror. It breaks after dealing something like 90 damage to the three.

Did the Unnamed One just cry because I broke his mirror? If so, he should have come to defend it himself. That's his own damn fault.

Wooo experience! It is about 1/50th of what I took from the 7 or 8 waves of fire elementals.

Go get him, Kug!

More experience.

A quick heal and we'll go explore the rest of his lair.

He has a diary. The super power dark wizard was apparently a 10 year old girl. At least girls know to keep the diary between their mattress and box spring.

So he knows how to make a super-powerful dagger. With poison.

And I think I know where to make it...

I am unable to break this mirror.

Vrocks protect the piles of gold.

But they don't do a good job. There is roughly 1500 gold here on the floor (including the other room).

This is better than all that gold. +5 strength? Maybe +6? It's awesome.

Remember that book I read about the dispel artifact that can send demons back to their own world? Found the artifact.

I wanted to carry the human-skin book elsewhere to attempt destroy it, but I was unable to.

Wooooo free armor!

And it's all badass! Like really badass.

I split it between Kug and Kornec. -4 and -5 armor class. I could make one character have -8, but I think having two in the negatives is better.

I go talk to the leaders. You could repay me by helping in the upcoming war.

Too weak to fight. The strongest monster in the game is too weak to fight.

And the slaves will not help me either.

But they will let me back in here anytime I want. Like, say if I was to find some giant poison thing and wanted to make a certain knife.