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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 43

This game is much longer than I thought. Holy cow.

I leave after killing the evil wizard. They tell me to go back inside. No thanks.

A couple strangers over here.

He cray.

They make their living selling pretty rocks.

Never heard of the great spire.

And now they are both crazy.

I head back to Tz-city to do something special.


I made a metal rod. Awesome.

Every hero in every book I have ever read is a blacksmith. Or they know a blacksmith. Or there is a magic weapon made by a blacksmith. I'm all 3 tropes.

+1? God damnit. Useless.

Also, I stole the bellows. No idea why, but it wasn't nailed down so I took it.

Got some more extract to give to the chick in Gedron.

I go to the mayor area and they love me. I get special shit in my house for allying one city with them. A scroll of 'Pebble to Boulder' which I'll never use. A +2 bow, and some +2 arrows. And some fruit.

Lets go to Gedron!

I got money for doing this go-fetch quest.

And now we go to the red sand area...

And get the reward from this dude for the go-fetch quest.

That sounds... very familiar. I accept!

Leave me alone I just want to talk to the sage about my new magic shit

New sword.

No idea what the bow does for special shit. Thats the entire reason I came here. I assume acid means acid damage or something. We'll find out soon.

The armor we just got.

The artifact that banishes demons.

El had clubfoot? His parents should have stretched that out when he was a baby.

FINALLY the lizardwoman is here for me to talk to. It's been forever since I told her about the tribe.

She gave me a ring that increases constitution. Kornec gets it, but his hit points don't go up for some reason.

A god damn town is under attack by bandits and wyverns!

And apparently there are evil castle guards with them. I murder everything easily.

Sounds like this castle needs a savage beating. I know just the crew of plucky heroes to administer said beating.

Oh, well you should have told me that earlier. Now I look like an idiot to everyone reading the LP.

Looking around the village:

We go see the village leader. Someone took her bitch pill this morning.

omg shut up i hate you

Fiiiiine, I'll kill the bandits. Would that help, you cranky bitch?

Wooo, free stuff!

I stole some grain from the evil wizard, do you want it?

If you had led with "I need to eat something, I'm not myself when I'm hungry" I could have given the grain earlier and you could have been less of a bitch.

Again: No way into the castle. None. Don't even try. None.

I got a leather sling which is trash.

And a pretty stone.

I just want to say that my curiosity helps sometimes.

This tree is definitely out of place, right? Serpent tree?

The tree doesn't do anything, but a monster attacks right after I touch the tree. I don't get any screenshots because he dies in 2 hits. Whoops. Anyway, this is what we need to create that evil wizards potion.

Useless townsman #1

North side of the village? Not the giant gaping hole in the ground directly SOUTH of your house?

Evil stuff in the castle or cave leading to it. Don't care, gonna destroy it all.

Thanks for nothing, jackwad.

The bug is the cleric of Air. He's useless too.

Time to go make that evil dagger....