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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 49

I wish for help with the army. He gives me metal gloves and sends shadows to fight for us. I never see them. Tells me to kill the commander.

I guess I have to now.

Winking huh? I think we're practically married now.

We got buddies!

The first wave shows up.

It's easy, any one of the characters could kill them all on their own.

Kornec finishes them off.

We stand ready above the corpses of our enemies.

Ahhh, jesus christ these guys hit hard.

Area spells out the ass are cast on our crew; Aishlinn and Kornec never even get a turn before they are killed outright.


Heal up.

Our buddies kind of suck.

It's on again!

That bald headed dude with the axe is the prime target.

They shoot the mages, again, no spells.

Kug charges

And we die horribly again.

Reload 4 more times before my mages get a chance to do something

Fog wall, bitches. Good luck shooting me now!

That didn't go so well. Aishlinn died immediately anyway.

The fire elemental Kornec summoned was very helpful. He drew attacks for like 5 rounds because none of the elite guards have +1 weapons to hit him with.

Even Kug is taking insane damage. What the fuck.

Kug and Kornec are stuck. A lightbulb finally goes off in my tiny pea brain.


Finish the first group. Cast WEB everywhere, ENTANGLE too.

Eat all the fruit we own. Right about now I notice something annoying. You know how we have armor and necklaces and shit that are supposed to do something? They only do it if you take it off and put it back on again. I give Kug the armor of "Free Movement" which lets her pass through web and entangle with ease. Everyone else will stand back.

Everyone except our idiot helpers.

I don't think those two helpers stand much of a chance.

Oh, you're stuck? Poor thing.

I summon a monster, it's a wyvern. Awesome!

Hehe, you can't reach me!

Everyone still at full or almost-full life.

My cursor is pointing at the main army commander. He's black because they blink when highlighted. Go get him, Kug!

He can't move. Yay!

A few of them can still shoot the other 3, so we continue to shoot back. I had like 300 magic arrows, but we run out of those before the fight is done.

Shooting one of these scorpions with arrows takes FOREVER to kill.

Kug continues moving and swatting anything in her way.

Aishlinn's bow shoots an acid arrow once in a while. The weird looking explosion on her is actually the acid arrow beginning to shoot.

Thank you, Kug.

No one is visible to our characters for some reason, so it puts us all back into one group like I am normally exploring the map. The remaining enemies walk right through the web. I am OK with it because now they are easily punchable and there aren't 40 of them.

Aishlinn gets the final kill with a Flame Arrow spell.

I can't gif the animation, it doesn't let me skip out and hit START RECORDING on the gif program. It pans left on this for a bit basically.

1d8+4 sword which is badass.

Nice of you to show back up.

And that's that. I can go talk to people now if I want.