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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 50

Finishing this thing up.

We go back to T-city and are welcomed with open arms.

The thanks goes to the warriors.

Anyone die?

What did you do during the fight, generic fighter #1?

Good for you, I just killed a bunch of aliens, used a genie, and saved the world.

How's the crazy guy doing?

Blinded because there are no more visions, apparently.

Oh, you're gonna make me blush.

Where's the idiot savant, Chahl?

That's too bad. He was a good man.

Yes, I'd love to lead the town. It's me or the skeevy dude with an eyepatch.

You are damn right you'll prosper. I'm going to start a space-race with Draj. Any news of Draj?

Chuhl's daughter okay?

Did you see the shadow army I wished for?

What about you, eyepatch? How'd our city fare?

And our allies?

You got any plans, sketchy dude?

Good idea.

Back to Gedrom.

I don't even know this girls name.

Sorry I got your sister killed. In my defense, she was dumb as shit and went hand-to-hand as a mage. How has the town been?

Anything I can do to help?

You're right. I'm more of a face-puncher. Anything else going on?

So that's a no.

Gedron gov'na says hi.

I forgot to get this ally, I'm sure the huge scorpion would have been helpful in the final battle.

We are immediately ambushed and make short work of the Dune Reapers or whatever they are.

3 damage? You're the worst pet ever. Then he refuses to leave the red sands which makes him the double-worst pet ever.

How're the lizards doing?

Awesome, you gonna make babies now?

If you visit them after leaving the screen 2 or 3 more times they have babies but you never see them. They bury the eggs under the totem to hatch.

The druid doesn't do shit, same thing from like 10 side quests ago.

Huh, apparently I didn't trigger this specific thing when I was wandering back before the main battle.

Just a traveler. Did you hear how all the cities smashed the Draj army?

I'll be safe, thanks!

jk, time to die asholes.

Insect swarms are fightable. Those purple things.

Cerudlite city spams HAIL CHAMPION messages nonstop whenever I get close to a guard.

I try to kill the dude sleeping. I can't.

I move north to the place I rescued the mage girl, and immediately the drum circle breaks up and tries to kill me. I explain that I didn't technically kill the sacrifice, so it's not my fault.

They don't listen to logic.

And that about wraps it up.