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AI War: Fleet Command

by RockyB

Part 30: Epilogue - Bonus Round

So, the AI is dead. The victory guitar is a-wailing, and we're just going to ignore the 3,000 attack and 23,000 threat which is attempting to vindictively kick our teeth in. Let's deal with this guy first:

A massive, moon sized battle station. 2 million health, immune to Martys and IF it can be killed, lays waste to the planet it is on with a built in nuke.

Good job we already nuked this place then, really.

Within seconds the shields have been stripped back, exposing the meaty belly of the beast to our heroic fleet. The regen and artillery golems stand by, bloodied but not yet defeated. The serried ranks of fleet ships bombard the avenger, missiles and lasers plunging deep into the awesome construct.

Roughly 15 seconds after the engagement was started, it's all over. That was rather, um, disappointing really. Although I suppose technically losing more than 5,000 ships is the largest blow the AI managed to deal me, even if it was because I was too lazy to retreat my fleet.

If you managed to make to this point then thanks for reading. And I strongly recommend you go buy this game, because it really is a timeless strategy classic. The whole lot including expansions often goes on sale for £10 or less, and personally I can easily see myself still playing this ten years from now. Just start slow, add in options over time, and go prod some AI buttock.