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Part 44: Pacifist playthrough - Otradnoye part 1

Pacifist playthrough - Otradnoye part 1

: A Magnificent Seven remake didn't work out well for the locals. Maybe because it wasn't post-apocalyptic enough.

: One passerby told me that somewhere in the Wastes is an old, abandoned Boy Scout camp. But it's not entirely abandoned. All the boy scouts who were camped out there before the war are still there, but they've gone feral and they worship the Devil in secret rituals!

: Other characters will also mention this. I do like the rumor system in this game - not everything an NPC mentioned will actually be encountered (or even is actually true in-universe), kinda like actual rumors. Echoes of the Metro series.

: Semyon has a bit of a backstory about being a former poacher - bribing Grankin and being friends with two other hunters who should be fairly old by now. You can start arranging a reunion at the moonshiner farm and the Roaring Forest.

: Slightly more pertinently, he also provides a Survival boost, which is very important for a character who wants to avoid random encounters.

We already have more than enough Speechcraft to convince Katya to introduce us to Kovalev without having to go mushroom hunting, but we might as well. Collecting 50 mushrooms gives you the Kraina Grzybow achievement.

You can also start going for the Grave Robber achievement, but there’s really nothing of value in the Otradnoye graves. One of them is "reserved", apparently.

But how are we going to get past all the varmints outside town?

By leading them directly to various friendly NPCs, of course.

Who take care of them quite easily. I appreciate that sort of immersive tactic being available. Almost got the town shepherd killed, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. No xp, but you do get to loot various bodyparts.

The town trader actually ran outside to help fight the insect scourge, and now has his rifle in hand even when he goes back to trading.

It’s even in his shop inventory now, though I didn’t bother buying it (can’t think of a case where that sort of esoteric thing would be useful)
One of my mods lets you know just how high the "trader level" of the person you’re trading with is (i.e, how little they’ll pay for your wares and how much of a markup their own items will receive). In the base game, you just have to remember the cost of some random item in your inventory, and see how much less the trader will offer for it.
Generic NPCs have very little bargaining skills, traders in small settlements and on the road will have more, and the traders in Krasnoznamenny that you really want to trade with have A LOT. Which would mean you should sell your items anywhere other than the main KRZ traders, except everyone else has far more limited funds to buy your loot.

In the process of stealing everything the villagers own and trading it back for every ruble they have, I discover that Katya has this perfume (+1 to Personality) which I bought via sheer force of habit – my last playthrough had a female PC.

While we’re at it, remember how TGEK said there isn’t any ammo for the Old Hunting Rifle you get from the old man? There’s actually exactly one bullet you can buy in Otradnoye.

One shot is more than we’ll ever need, anyway.

Pre-war Hunter’s Memo

Grisha booking it out of town. Telling Kovalev that you let him will turn him hostile, but “he got away, oops” is all the excuse we need. Had I wanted Grisha killed (which would be pointless – you miss out on some content, but still wind up working for Dan in the exact same way), I probably could have kited him back to the guards (edit - that doesn't actually work). Or told Kovalev that I refuse, and he’d have his men carry out the execution.

The fisherman has some advice for us, but more importantly, his fishing spot has a very important catch. First of all, we have to craft the right lure:

Some mushrooms, nails and corn result in a Weird Doll. Actually, Otradnoye has only 5 mushrooms, just enough for Katya’s quest. You might be able to find some corn in the dumpster, but otherwise you’ll need all of it for the old man’s quest. So either craft the doll later, when you find the ingredients elsewhere, or skip one \ both quests.

Coming back later would also mean you’ve got better Luck (from the Roaring Forest and certain items). But that’s fine – booze helps improve your luck (up to +2 per booze type).

Your luck stat can go up to 11, which helps if you’re playing along, as the outcome of your fishing expedition is still up to random chance, even if you have the right bait and maximum luck.

Thankfully, one of the mods I’m using assures I don’t have to save-scum for the correct outcome.

Kind of a shame the fish doesn’t get a portrait. Anyway, you get +1 to a stat of your choice (not including Luck).

The other interesting point of divergence – the possessed person in Otradnoye. What happens is we find a more useful vessel for the demon than the pig?

: This old man has suffered enough! I invite you inside of me. Give me your power.

: Aaakaka! Akaka! You did it yourself! You asked me yourself! Come on! Come get your gift!

[With unnatural speed, the madman hits you with his fist right between the eyes! The blow is so unexpected and swift, you have no time to react! For a moment, the world falls dark...]

[When you open your eyes again, the old man is watching you with both fear and gratitude. The madness is gone from his gaze. You get up and dust yourself off while trying to understand what just happened. However you try, a clear answer won't come to you]

[Although, you could swear you feel an unseen presence behind your back. Soon though, this creepy sensation goes away, leaving a strange emptiness and...] [ irresistible desire to talk gibberish]

: Kurkula-Murkula?

: [An old man in a tinfoil hat is standing right in front of you. He's trembling, staring up at you in awe] Former possessed person: Oh, oh, my saviour! Let me- let me kiss you on the lips! Eh, what? You don't want to? Ah, well, sorry. Old habits. Now what was it you wanted?

: [Possessed] Damn it all! What's going on? There's supposed to be a demon inside me now?

: [The man looks at you doubtfully, as if he suspects you might be mocking him]
Man, what are you trying to do to me? I was just starting to get better and now you're dragging me back into the abyss of madness. I used to be stone cold crazy. That demon was a figment of my sick imagination, nothing more. Maybe it's just stress that's making you think that he... uh... is inside you? Sounds horrible anyway.

: Ah. Whoops?