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Original Thread: Behold, I am Lemuria. Seek thou me. - Let's Play AbalaBurn [VLP]



Let's Play AbalaBurn

AbalaBurn is a long-forgotten 3d adventure title released exclusively in Japan on the PS1. It's developed by Tamsoft, who have made a lot of other fighting games and also a few general action titles. While AbalaBurn does share some resemblance to their Battle Arena Toshinden, it's not a fighting game at heart, just an adventure game with a lot of fighting game mechanics. It's easy to understand where the confusion lies. Overall, the game is a very easy to play, mildly intriguing escape.

So about the Let's Play thing.

I'm going to be playing through the game's main mode with a single character -Blood- and showing off much of the level and enemy design, even the parts I don't understand because I can't read Japanese. It's not the longest journey, but it's deceptively lengthy compared to how light it seems at first glance. As far as I know, this is also the only full playthrough of the game being made/that has been made. So that's cool! But any advice or help would be appreciated in understanding this title more, however unlikely that is.


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