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Part 2: Episode 5 - Broken Truce

I don't have any good excuses so I deeply apologize for the wait on this.

Update 02 - Handyman Business

-Episode 5 - Broken Truce|(8:23)
Cease-fire Revoked
-Episode 6 - Ghosts of the Past|(7:55)
Resurrecting Memory
-Episode 7 - No Clearance|(9:38)
Extraoperational Action
-Episode 8 - Fragile Cargo|(6:48)
Anonymous Terrorist
-Episode 9 - Scylla and Charybdis|(8:43)
Complication at Cape Rainy

In this update, our next levels see us fighting for Neucom's sake against General's incursions, and even some rather mysterious missions involving Dision & Rena, and a strange base hidden away in a canyon. Topics such as the D.O.E project and the nature of the scientists who defected to Neucom resurface as things take an even worse turn. For those wondering, this is the first instance of a Mission Over leading to different scenarios, and I'll do a quick write up here: In Ep6, if we are to destroy the spy plane or fly above altitude, we progress to Fragile Cargo automatically. However, if we complete Ep6 but choose not to accompany Rena in Ep7 (as seen in the videos), we will progress to 8 anyway. Fragile Cargo is a total joke but the ending has far more meaning for the very next level (Scylla & Charybdis) than No Clearance does so I think from a better narrative perspective, Nemo would have chosen not to accompany Rena. I do like the handwaving that occurs in these levels though

I should get Crow to do a graphic for these mission layouts...

Produced in the first half of the 21st century, the R-101 Delphinus #1 laid the foundation for Neucom's R-numeral series of aircraft. The jet was developed using Neucom's expertise in the aviation field, being built from newly developed composites and alloys. Powered by high-powered turbofan engines, it uses laminar flow control technology to dynamically manage airflow. The R-101 pioneered the AI-handled development techniques employed by Neucom by 2040. The R-101 was the main fighter aircraft of Neucom's armed forces during the Usean Corporate War, where it served on the frontlines. An export model, the R-101U, was sold to the UPEO to reinforce their own air fleet

trivia: named after Dolphins

The first dedicated attack aircraft of Neucom's R-series, the R-201 Asterozoa was developed to fulfill the ground attack role. It features a distinctive twin-fuselage design. Despite having durable armor, the Asterozoa's poor speed and mobility rendered it highly vulnerable to enemy aircraft. PSA: Never fly this thing. It's somehow worse than flying a brick. It's like flying a house.

trivia: named after Sea Stars