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Part 6: Episode 19 - Soldier of Fortune

Update 05 - With you always, General Group

-Episode 19 - Soldier of Fortune|(11:23)
New Location
-Episode 20 - Megafloat|(8:10)
Control of Megafloat
-Episode 21 - Target Acquisition|(10:19)
That Which is Hidden
-Episode 22 - Partners|(8:50)
-Episode 23 - Tainted Peace|(9:07)
A False Peace Is...

I mentioned I also liked the dialogue in the GR path very much. Here's the mission over dialogue too. In the next update there's some more choice Keith quotes.


Job well done. Under these circumstances where you are still inexperienced, I for one appreciate what you’ve done for us thus far.However, within the inner circle, smoldering voices criticize you as well as me, the one who invited you so forcibly.

I can’t really say this situation is the best of circumstances for you and me. To stifle these voices, you have no choice but to make them appreciate you with your own power. The dispute will intensify more and more. You’ll get the chance.

I am looking forward to your future activities.

...hmph. Guess you’re not here. I only have one thing to tell ya.

Every battle is all decided by speed. If you keep on fighting like you did this time, it will be impossible for you to live long.

From now on, you should think about that a bit when you act, because for the most part, it will be impossible for us to support you.

I have preemptively reported the contact with UPEO this time to the superiors as an accident that casually occurred during an exercise. And about that contact with the one who was your former colleague—forget it.

What I obtained in this incident is big. It is the power that will let us influence our future. I’m grateful for the cooperation.

Well, see you.

Hey kid....Have you even been looking at your messages!? At this rate, even the Neucom guys will finally be wondering if we’re taking ’em seriously!

Use a little more skill and make ’em flinch. You’re still not decisive enough, use your guns ferociously.

But, well... considering Dision wasn’t there, you did fine. Next time, decide with a bang!

But... hey. Where’s that guy slackin’ off?

The General Resource Defense Force (GRDF) is the private military branch of General Resource Limited. It was originally established to show the public the effectiveness of General Resource products, but was later repurposed to be the company's primary military force after repeated attacks from anti-corporation groups. Staffed by the aces Dision and Keith, it is a force to be reckoned with in any engagement.

Born in Usea in 1997, Abyssal Dision was a pilot of the General Resource Defense Force, flying several successful sorties for the group in the past. He was one of the first known test subjects of General Resource's sublimation project. In 2018, Dision finished his academy in Sandbury Defense College, organized by General Resources Limited. He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He then joined up with the GRDF on September soon after his graduation. During his time with GRDF, he was designated as Ace pilot after successfully carrying out missions he was assigned to in outstanding result, including his service of suppressing terrorist operations in 2026. Is partnered with Keith Bryan, and both form the two-man Ace team for General.

After graduating from a senior high school affiliated with Sandbury GR Defense College in 2028, Keith Bryan joined General Resource Ltd. He currently flies for GRDF alongside his buddy, Dision. Not much else is known about him.

The F-16XA Sakerfalcon, like the F-16XL and the F-16XF, features a cranked-arrow delta wing design to increase its speed and power while maintaining a moderate degree of maneuverability. It also features a lean towards ground attack whereas the F-16XF was strictly a fighter for air superiority. It fulfills its role as a fictional multirole utilized exclusively by General Resource.

The F-15S/MT Eagle+ is a modernized F-15 variant used by General Resource used in the initial stages of the corporate war, developed by General. It is said to be one of the oldest aircraft in their inventory, yet it was used by General Resource Defense Force aces, including Abyssal Dision.

An advanced derivative of the F-117A Nighthawk, the A/F-117X comes equipped with a COFFIN system and thrust vectoring nozzles with added afterburner capacity. The NAV Hawk is one of the main ground attack aircraft in General Resource's military arsenal. It is also used as a spy plane with its stealth capabilities.

The F/A-32C Erne is a multirole aircraft produced and operated by General Resource LTD. In real-world canon, the X-32 prototype lost the Joint Strike Fighter competition. In Strangereal canon, in spite of its defeat, the aircraft remained in development and was acquired by many countries as an alternative to the more expensive F-35C Lightning II. During the global transition to corporate governments in the 2030s, General Resource LTD. obtained several X-32s which subsequently underwent extensive airframe & hardware modifications, such as the inclusion of the COFFIN software. The final result was codenamed F/A-32C Erne.

As mentioned previously, the Erne underwent several airframe modifications, such as its unusual two dimensional thrust vectoring flap, steeper-angled wings and a ferri-type air intake. As well, the Erne possesses an extra engine, which combined with the air intake allows for a large increase of the aircraft's max speed towards mach 2, as opposed to the X-32's 1.6. The aircraft features a traditional passive stealth design although this does incur some penalties in terms of aerodynamic performance. As is standard on all combat aircraft during the time of the Corporate War the F/A-32C features a full COFFIN control system. Earlier production models had a more traditional hands-on cockpit followed on from the X-32.