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Part 7: Episode 24 - Stratosphere

Update 06 - Being Soft Invites Ruin

-Episode 24: Stratosphere
The Adversary Below
-Episode 25: Welcoming Committee
Shuttle Destruction Operation
-Episode 26: Technology Transfer
Assault! Space Development Base
-Episode 27: Claustrophobia
Valley of Mist
-Episode 28: Dilemma
The Second Decision

I looked at the mission overview and I noticed better how this game divides itself into 5 main arcs. The first arc is always UPEO, the first four missions. Just seemed interesting with the more consistent world events. Not every route is the same of course, because we'll be going through the Neucom route eventually and things play out so much differently, down to character dialogue even. Anyway, the next two updates I promise are where AC3 gets downright insane, and I apologize for the sudden thing in Ep28. I actually lost the entire video somehow, so I had to play through the game back up to that point and then for some reason it black screened on me. It was a lot of weird shit this morning trying to get that one together so I just hammered on it until it worked. For now just enjoy the music and the piloting of the interceptor variant of the SR-71 Blackbird!


Buddy, what’s up?

—we got rid of it somehow!

If we keep up this pace, maybe Dision will have to close up shop as a commanding officer? Well, at times like these, let’s forget the guy who takes leave, and do something ourselves.

Contact me yourself once in a while, okay? And lets go out for a drink.

Oh, but when we do—

I’m gonna make you listen to my war stories until you hate me, so get yourself ready!

[That took years off my life!]

When the missile sprang out, I broke a cold sweat, man. And yet, you took it down and saved us.

It seems there’s a long way ahead, so best regards till next time.

Eh, buddy!?

The RF-12A2 Blackbird II is an interceptor variant of the SR-71 Blackbird built to handle targets at ultra-high altitudes. General Resource was constantly having it’s facilities watched by Neucom aircraft, which had began to violate the airspace restriction laws set by the NUN. Neucom began flying at ultra-high altitudes over GR controlled cites, bases and areas with their R-531 Moburas and R-311 Remora escorts. General had a plan to modify the only aircraft they had capable of reaching those altitudes: they began retrofitting their SR-71s. The main upgrades installed in the Blackbird were a missile payload, advanced engine thrust, improved stealth paint, a COFFIN system, and an additional tail fin at the bottom of the craft for increased yaw, but the rest of the aircraft essentially remained the same as the original SR-71. This upgraded version soon became known as the RF-12A2 Blackbird II.

The F-22C Raptor II is a modernized version of the F-22A Raptor manufactured by General Resource Limited. The F-22C features a Connection for Flight Interface system and an enlarged tail stinger. It is used rather commonly by members of the General Resource Defense Force, including Abyssal Dision, who even has a custom version for himself. The difference between the F-22D and the original is unknown, barring any decals or unique colorations.