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Part 9: Episode 34 - The Orientation

Update 08 - Revelations

-Episode 34 - The Orientation
Will of the Serpent
-Episode 35 - Liquidation
Remnant Neucom
-Episode 36 - Archnemesis
The Final Enemy
-Episode 37 - Memory Error
Fleeting Memory
-Episode 38 - Electrosphere
Entering Electrosphere

So that was a lot of dark shit thrown our way and confirmation of Nemo's non-human identity. I promised a write-up of what exactly we know, and we now have the skeleton of the plot available to us.

Kicking off the whole story was definitely Dision. Unfortunately the game does not provide a proper timeframe of any of these events, but we can assume that Dision was killed before the beginning of the game, and his copy lives on in the Electrosphere thanks to Yoko. There was obviously a romantic interest between the two characters but we will not see that fleshed out. The AI Dision survived and plotted for revenge against the world, against those who killed him. Over the course of the story he lays the foundation for Ouroboros and the revolution kicks off, but in each route, the motivation and his appearances differ. If Nemo were to stay with UPEO, Rena seemingly overcomes her brainwashing naturally and helps destroy Dision. It's why I said it's the only happy ending, because all the other endings involve her dying, and the arguably worse fate is in the fifth ending. Somehow, AI Dision was able to corrupt Rena through the ONSI system installed in her, brainwashing her and manipulating her through childhood. It can probably be assumed he had her reveal the DOE project to the public as well. He is responsible for the deaths of many throughout the five different plotlines and, if you play the game through the routes that I'm taking, it slowly seems that his motivations and personality start to change to something more and more insane.

It's tough to say whether or not that is intended, but when you see the epilogue of the game then it will make a lot of sense why I say it.

One constant, as mentioned in the videos, is definitely there: Dision will be erased, no matter what happens. This is important for the epilogue as well. Ouroboros will rise and fall just as early as it arrived. The second Ouroboros route is actually only 4 missions compared to this. A lot of the upcoming videos are definitely in weird places plot wise. There's a lot of things that don't particularly 'feel right' at Neucom in the grand scheme of things, which I suspect is because time constraints started kicking in during development, but one overall thing is that Dision's mental state degrades. I just find it weird because you could very well beat Neucom the first time around and then go through the others and there's a stark contrast to his plans.

I have 3 more updates to prepare. And damn, that was an ending alright. You can hear the claxons and warning voices in a lot of the dialogue.

Also the music is fucking great. Here's the Memory Error music I'm sure will catch a few ears.

Seriously, RIP Keith. True hero. He still believed in Nemo even after he went to Ouroboros, and he trusted him to take down Dision