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Part 10: Episode 39 - Power for Life (Translation)


Welcome to Neucom.

We are the conglomerate that continues our activity with the goal of providing the software that creates the world of tomorrow.

The Neucom Group, with the core at the informational environment development division “Neucom Info” focused on computer-related environmental developments, along with

the space environment development division “Neucom Space”,
the life environment development division “Neucom Bio”,
the communications environment development division “Neucom Sphere”,
and the PR and foreign affairs division “Neucom Publishing”,

is divided into five major sections....

—first of all, for opening the door just now without a single look of disgust despite our rude visit, everyone at Neucom, who warmly received us, has our gratitude.

The courageous decision of one pilot, and all of you, really did save us. I will never forget today's incident.

Therefore, as of 3 this afternoon, I, UPEO representative member Gabriel W. Clarkson, along with 38 others as my subordinates and my personal aircraft’s crew, transfer our affiliation to Neucom!

To come to this determination, we....

Yes... uh, we are broadcasting an emergency press conference by representative member Clarkson, but apparently the relay’s audio has cut off somehow.

Pending the relay circuit’s connection, we will return to displaying the meeting, but until then, I believe we want to recap what information we know about this dramatic transfer once more.

A radio from the UPEO private aircraft the Representative was riding was received by Neucom, around 11 this morning. Said plane was carrying the Representative, who was headed to appear at the Meriton region détente conference that will be held in at Cape Rainy.

En route to the Cape Rainy Airport, in the airspace sector above the Mt. Lambert Range, it sustained attacks from fighters believed to belong to General Resource, which then began hostilities with the plane's escort craft.

Just after that, it seems the plane was also attacked by a different, apparently UPEO-affiliated unit. And so, the plane and its escort changed their course for Neucom-controlled airspace.

At 4 p.m., they made an emergency landing at Denis Airport. For the Neucom side’s news sources, this incident is apparently being judged an assassination attempt on Representative Clarkson, who, as a moderate, has had some friendly relations with Neucom for some time, with General Resource and part of UPEO having conspired.

Neucom will, by accepting Representative Clarkson’s transfer, be unable to avoid bringing forth great tensions between itself and General Resource.

Oh, there you are! Well, it seems we’ve been able to take up jobs at Newcom well enough. And so, even here, we’ve been destined for the same team after all.

—so best regards!

Well, for now... that’s it. Oh, right! Now I remember! I’ll give it to you straight.

Uhh... well, I heard this from the Rep a little while back, but

—geez, augh!!

I’m impatient.

Thank you... I am most grateful. Your resolve saved the Rep and Fii’s lives. I hope to see that resolve and energy in the future as well.

Oh, right... I am Cynthia. NEU—Chief Consulting Pilot. That is, I am your boss.

It’s nice to meet you.

Geez, sis! Put me back on... hey!

For that matter, Fii is the one and only younger sister of mine.

Therefore, as an individual, too, I am terribly grateful for you.

Well then, next time will be a mission, alright?


Why do I get cut off...!?


CYNTHIA [Looking forward to next time.]
Good job on your first sortie. I’ll bet the unfamiliar environment and our Coffins might be bewildering, but now that you’ve become one of our members, we are expecting good results after this.

—now then. Please show us your true ability, next time for sure.

FII [I’m a bit worried]
You not there?

—it’s Fii.

Today was awful, but I thought, “Good thing both of us are safe.” But... somehow, I’m just not used to Neucom yet.

Now, for me having received so much help to say this kind of thing is a bit of a no-no, but of course when I wonder just what sis and I are aiming for here....

Even so, it’s not like General would have been better, though. Just who desired these battles? It seems we’ve somehow been completely swept up unawares by some great power.

Sorry to always bother you with my many grumblings about this and that.

—well, seeya!


CYNTHIA [How’s Neucom?]
Good work today. Getting used to the new environment soon, I would hope?

We’re putting our hopes in you. Your change of job just now is a consequence of the way you got caught up in things, so to speak, but here, since we are an organization with fundamentally different ways of thinking from General and UPEO, we here at Neucom want you to freely see with your own eyes the new world we are keeping our eyes on.

And then, we want you to become a member of Neucom soon. After this, I think we will be taking action together more often. Today’s efforts may well become the power of the future.


FIONA [How you doing?]
Heyo... it’s Fii. Are you used to Neucom yet? I mean, I’ve always been informed about how they think around here by my sister.

I’m put off by some of it, so I’m merely okay....

Well, that’s that; I’ve somehow ended up with nowhere else to go back to, so I’ve got no choice but to do this, huh!