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Part 14: Episode 42 - The Prize


EAPN [GN situation news flash]
It’s time for “Top News 7”.

To begin with, there has been a new development in the situation concerning the state of tensions continuing between General and Neucom ever since the Faith Park incident. According to an emergency press conference held by the General Resource PR division, it seems that General Resource satellites have been destroyed by a Neucom attack.

The statement from the General Resource side said, “These satellites were being used with civilian purposes in mind from the start; this attack is a unilateral act of vandalism by Neucom.” in a scathing criticism.

However, apparently in response to this conference, the Neucom side’s conference held right after, while conceding that it was an attack, stated that these satellites were used for military purposes.

It appears there is a major discrepancy between the two companies’ statements; their tendencies in the future will be watched closely.

Fiona [...was thinking.]
You see the news?

I get the feeling things have already come to the point where nobody can stop them. After all, all we know is that neither side approves of anyone but themselves. UPEO no longer has Representative Clarkson, and

I feel like it’s just General-related businesses that...

Right now, things like “countries” or “governments” have lost power, and economics has given General enormous power; now science will try to deny economics——.

Even whenever that comes about, fighting won’t die out. When we were in SARF, my intention in fighting was for the purpose of making fighting stop, but....

That Neucom’s science—our scientists here are going to make the wonderful future they speak of, too, to me it doesn’t seem they will.

—even so, now that I’m here all I want to do is fly with Sister and you, but... that struck me.


Fiona [About my sister... listen]
Huh, it seems you’re not there again, so I’ll leave a message.

The truth is, there’s something I wanna consult with you about.... Okay, it’s the same as usual, but uh.

About my sister Cynthia....the truth is, I accidentally found her name on a list of test subjects for Sublimation, but um...

Having dreams in the world of science and computers and stuff isn’t exactly a bad thing, right? I know she chose Neucom accordingly.

But... my sister needs to take the trouble to undergo still-experimental technology why?

—and what should I do?

Cynthia [Sorry to make you worry]
Perhaps you may have already heard it from Fii, but she wants you to hear her out.

—there isn’t much I can do for her anymore, after all. Somehow, it seems you got caught in a fight between sisters; sorry about that....

But to be honest, she came here from the middle, so I think the one and only person it seems she can consult with is more or less you, you see.