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Part 15: Episode 43 - Utopian Dreams


Fiona [I’m a bit conflicted]
I up and got into another argument. Kinda pointless....

It’s just, the stories my sister puts into words like she will change this world through the power of science. I can’t believe ’em, right? But still, if someone said that my being here was because my sister cared, I’d be really pissed.

Like, I’ll do what I want myself. But to me, having seen the silhouette of my older sister, who had always been brought up freely....

—hey, you, uh...what are you fighting for?

This is a private message. It will end up being deleted once reception is completed.

—The fact is, I...I registered for a personality-copying experiment that Neucom would carry out, thinking I would be participating as a test subject, you see, but... was halted by the company. Because things like “standpoint-wise problems,” and “think carefully about the human relations parts” were what the higher-ups said, but to me... aren’t those expressions so very General-esque, eh?

Even though to transcend things like standpoints and human relations and understand each other, there must be human Sublimation.

The meaning of it, that Neucom, might not be there yet, either, that gave me quite the shock, but....

Still, I am not giving up, see. I make my own opportunities! Despite those sorts of plans, I am called. And when the time comes for it, I will take care to tell you, too.

If... if you’d like,

I’m also thinking that you want to obtain the opportunity together with me. But at that time, our only concern will be about Fii, so...

...I think I’ll inform you first.

Please forgive my awfully personal request, but I beg it of you.

—well then.

Oh, right... don’t tell any of this to Fii yet.