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Part 16: Episode 44 - Reality Distortion (Translation)


GBS [Neucom base accident follow-up report]
And now for a update on the explosion accident that occurred at a Neucom air base in the Waiapolo mountain range.

As to the cause, a joint investigation between Neucom Info and local police remains ongoing. The names of those whose deaths have been confirmed have been released by Neucom Info. The names are as follows:

—NEU-affiliated maintenance crewmen Robert Sanderson and George Thompson.

Comm transporter Tadokoro...given name currently unknown. Similarly, comm transporter Stark...given name currently unknown.

NEU-affiliated pilot Fiona C. Fitzgerald. Similarly, pilot Kevin Jones.

Uh... ah, oh... yes, yes, is that so?

Ehm, it was in the middle of the news, but just now, it seems that the satellite relay that had been interrupted before has connected. Well then, Please watch our hookups from the airport near where a military coup seems to have occurred, and from our special correspondent near the site.

GBS [Terrorist damage follow-up report]
Yes, this is the airport. Here, air lines connecting to all sectors have suspended all mail services. There is still no announcement as to the reason.

There are even rumors that in one sector, General Resource’s air superiority has been completely compromised; the airport is showing the extremes of disorder.

Everyone, I’m broadcasting from a location about 50 kilometers away from the Geofront.

Can you see me?

In the skies above me, countless fighter formations have been caught headed for the Geofront area on camera.

SENDER UNKNOWN [The true meaning of revolution]
Our rise to action... many people still seem to be misunderstanding. Certainly, the things people are seeing at the present point are little more than that mutual killing so familiar to mankind, after all.

However... that is all we shall say for now. The forces that the organizations known as General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO and the war they carry out even now, are the entrances for the revolution we hope for.


For us, the true enemies are the forces known as General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO. When this revolution is complete, what we—no, all mankind will grasp will not be powers like these at all!

NVS [Uncensored news.]
On General Resource-affiliated news outlets, there was an announcement that at present, keyword censorship for broadcast contents has been included in delivery systems. A large-scale restriction of the press like this being enforced is a first.

This current program is being broadcast from an independent personal base station. That being the case, here you will see our uncensored images.

We already possess the technology for the purpose of allowing all mankind to exceed its limits, and are preparing it.

—cast aside the flesh! This is a revolution done to set lives free.

And now, we will declare. Sublimation of all mankind: that is the one and only truth that will advance our lives into a new generation! This technology is not a dream. Perhaps we should show you a piece of evidence.


This man, due to a General Resource trick 10 years ago, completely lost his flesh.

...and yet, as a life in the Electrosphere, he certainly exists even now. Indeed, the “Will”, organized by the powers that came to be called by the names of “Life”, “Mind”, and “Consciousness” which we all equally hide from the start, made not a limit of the frail existence known as Flesh and such, after all.

And this truth we came to hand down as information from prehistoric times.

We need not look back to history——.

As for the existence of Life without the limit of Flesh, we transformed in this way. That is, “the new image of mankind.” And so, above human history, Dision was reborn into the first life without flesh. We install him as the Leader of the Beginning, and put this revolution into action!

Cythia [Why Fii?]
Did you see the Neucom accident on the news?

Oh, oh... it’s definitely a conspiracy. Fii is... but that’s why I told her!

Even though I asked, Ouroboros still....

I told her over and over again, but she was always stubborn; nothing but stupid, stupid things!

—because she insisted on a body. Even though when she died there would be nothing left at all. I told her, “Undergo Sublimation together with me.”

If only she’d listened to me, it wouldn’t have come to this!

Those Neucom the end, they are no different from General!

I knew it; the revolution must come about. This world will come to naught.

Hey... you and I both will allow Dision’s revolution to be complete, and we will cast aside the flesh—in the sea of the Electrosphere, let us obtain man’s new way of living.

Dision [I knew it... you’ve come]
It’s been a while. Back when you were in UPEO, remember that time I invited you?

—I’m glad you came.

In fact, this revolution was planned starting from around then. It’s because ever since that time, you were already in my hands. You probably knew it, too. Both UPEO and Neucom were, after all, badgers from the same lair

—or so I’d put it.

Peacekeeping and such, scientific elites and such, various such things are discussed ad nauseam, but they are comrades in their cowardice that have no will to action.

But I am different. There isn’t a thing I fear.

Heh... heh heh heh!

It seems the world has already taken notice of me, in fact. Now, I will stare back at world society. Shouldn’t I sacrifice those bastards who took me for a fool as a blood offering?

—exterminate the damned human race, that has clung to the flesh!


Cynthia [Drawing the line]

Geez... no matter where I go I leave off coming. Even though I thought that this was the place I was thinking of....

I have lost so many things. Somehow, it seems the idiot wasn’t Fii, but me.

—still, I am me. For myself, and for Fii, I intend to put an end to this battle.

So, you definitely....

Therefore, forgive this final selfishness of mine.

—from here on out, we disappear. And what was the truth of this battle? For that alone, I will fight until I see it with my own eyes. That’s my intention.

Therefore, believe in me, please... just because.

—well then.