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Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

by Lunethex

Part 18: Episode 48 - Resistance (Translation)


NVS [Uncensored news.]
On General Resource-affiliated news outlets, there was an announcement that at present, keyword censorship for broadcast contents has been included in delivery systems.

A large-scale restriction of the press like this being enforced is a first. This current program is being broadcast from an independent personal base station.

That being the case, here you will see our independently-received images uncensored.

[The true meaning of revolution]
Our rise to action... many people still seem to be misunderstanding. Certainly, the things people are seeing at the present point are little more than that mutual killing so familiar to mankind, after all.

However... that is all we shall say for now. The forces that the organizations known as General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO and the war they carry out even now, are the entrances for the revolution we hope for.


For us, the true enemies are these organizations. When this revolution is complete, what we—no, all mankind will grasp will not be powers like these at all!

Sender Unknown [(channel unconfigured)]
As far as we are concerned, this attack was necessary. The world is ruled by materialistic desires that cling to that curse known as flesh.

At the point in time when the economic strength of joint-managed-style giant multinational corporations exceeded the governing structures of the government and justice systems of the so-called old world order, we should have awakened.

However, as long as we are in the flesh, to refuse control by materialistic desire is also difficult; that, too, is a fact.

And so... due to the limit insofar that it is hard exceed the flesh, our lives, being thus maintained, are always being bound by desires.

—desires for food; lusts; sleep. In order to maintain life, even if only the bare minimum, these must be obtained with currency or not at all.

We of mankind would obviously suspect that there will never, ever, ever be any perfect release from this curse. The limit of mankind is the flesh, bound by countless desires!

NVS [Coup News Flash]
—this statement was issued from an organization calling itself “Ouroboros”.

As to this Ouroboros, we know of no detailed information, but we have received reports that various members once belonging to General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO are participating.

They demanded the conversion into data using computers of all mankind; it is said that among the ringleaders, some have already undergone this “sublimation”.

A list of participants in the coup has also been released on the ’Sphere. As you may see, elite members from every military seem to be participating. And among them, many participants came from the Neucom side; peculiarly, it appears that many of these people are to be found on a list of test subjects for innovative experimentation.

Details on whether they have truly cast aside the flesh and are “sublimated” are unknown, but the goal of this terrorist group has been made clear

Fiona [The heck is Ouroboros?]
The news right now... is Ouroboros the guys my sister was talking about? It couldn’t possibly be, starting these kinds of things....

It’s definitely not just me and Neucom; General and UPEO can’t believe it either but....

So anyway, do they seriously think that the history of this world will change because of these terrorist mock battles!?

—how stupid!

Though, I was staying here because I was together with my sister....

I intend to bring her back no matter what. And I want you to save her, too.

I still believe that you understand completely.