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Part 19: Episode 48 - Resistance (Post)

Update 11 - The Electrosphere definitely exists,'s wonderful

-Episode 48 - Resistance [TRANSLATION] Make sure to watch this one in the video, there is a little easter egg in the pre-mission news
The Coup's Statement
-Episode 49 - Radio Silence [TRANSLATION]
Silent Cynthia
-Episode 50 - Revenge
Fii's Resolve
-Episode 51 - Tunnel Vision
Geofront Path
-Episode 52 - Sole Survivor
To the End of the Nightmare


Sorry for being this early in the morning.

But I was following the news on the ’Swallow, so I couldn’t get any sleep at all....

Ever since I came across my sister’s name on the list of volunteers for Sublimation I’ve been wondering incessantly about what might have gone wrong.

Can I even stop her anymore? But I want to meet my sister one more time and tell her straight-up.

—my own feelings.

It’s alright if I can’t stop her anymore. But just one more time....


My sister isn’t coming out....

Did we kill her? Kill Cynthia? I couldn’t do anything. I still can’t believe it....

Why didn’t she say anything to me then!? Wasn’t this supposed to be her dream!?

I don’t believe it... she was deceived! I found Dision’s name on her contact list.

Do you remember him? One time, he invited you to General....

I want to make sure. I will strike him and Ouroboros!

Tunnel Vision is so fun to do, and man, even after all of that, Fii remains the character to get screwed the most. If you're wondering what Rena's fate was, well, she was rendered catatonic in that instance, probably made a vegetable at that considering what horrible shit the ONSI system does to a person. And then, you have the complete opposite of Ouroboros #2 happen in in Cynthia obtaining Sublimation.. This is the ending I was always thinking of when I decided to bring AC3 to everyone's minds, it's just how cold and dark shit got.

And then they throw the epilogue at you. Oh god

Don't scroll down until you've seen all of this, I have my writeup waiting.

Also, if you didn't want to see it in the video, this person made a cameo again

God damnit Nagase, you really did get yourself killed this time.

-Ace Combat 3 Epilogue

Now we know everything. I wonder what some people were expecting?

The ending is that none of this game ever happened.

Nemo was a simulation created by Simon Orestes Cohen at some point in time, likely after the DOE facility was destroyed by assassins hired by General and Dision & Yoko were killed in the 2030s during the Sublimation experimentation. That, among other reasons, resulted in General's decision to eliminate anyone involved with the project in order to conceal it. Why is that event important? Because Simon loved, or had some sort of serious relationship with, Yoko as well, and blamed Dision for her death. He was somehow aware of Dision's sublimated copy existing on the Electrosphere, and sought to permanently erase it. He created Nemo alongside a simulation of the real world, which included:

You can see in the epilogue ending as everything is deleted all the programming code too if you pause the video regularly.

After this, Simon created a simulated conflict between the four organizations and ran the program multiple times to see what the outcomes would be. This ties in to how you actually obtain the five endings. After every completed route, you have to reload your save file and select 'New File' to start over from the beginning again.

Due to various decisions within the simulation, Nemo discovered five possible outcomes of the conflict. Cohen, who was watching the program every time it ran and sometimes gave direct involvement to speed things along, was pleased with the results. The results satisfied him every time because the result was Dision being eliminated. Considering the experiment a success, Cohen then removed Nemo from the program and purged it from the electrosphere, apparently releasing it into the real world. Its fate afterward is unknown, but it is assumed that Cohen would then put the conflict into motion to allow his plan to be carried out.

To sum it all up: this asshole had the biggest revenge boner ever seen, created an AI program to run through a terrible series of events over and over, all to make sure the guy he hated would die fucking horribly. People had their whole lives torn apart because of this, an entire continent up in flames and divided again, all because of General's DOE project ruining this nerd's love life!

We don't know if the Corporate War would come to pass in the real world, but if Simon had his way, certainly, it would be another bloodstain on the history of Usea, all because of a single tragic night, one caused by Belka coincidentally.

Fuck you too, Belka!