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Part 19: Ace Combat Zero Post Mortem Finale Extravaganza

Extras, Cheats, And Viewer’s Choice Finale Special

PART 1 – 100% Unlocks, Codebreaker Cheats, Free Flight Shenanigans
PART 2 – Paint Schemes and Cockpit Views
PART 3 – Special Weapons
PART 4 – Thread Request Special
BONUS – The Gauntlet
BONUS - Multiplayer Mode

Overview: Ace Combat Zero is finished, it’s time to fuck around and show off some cool stuff you couldn’t really get to see under “normal” circumstances, and maybe just break the game over our knee in the process.

Lastly, as a final send off to Zero, ACES CURE PLANES and I tackle the game’s secret special mission: The Gauntlet.

Guest Commentators: I am joined across the various parts of this finale spectacular by multiple guests.

First up is our returning champion, CJacobs.

Joining him for Part 1 is our mutual LP friend JamieTheD. Jamie is currently in the midst of his own series mega-LP of the Wipeout game series.

Part 2 is largely unvoiced but will be vocally annotated by me on a “point of interest” basis.

In Part 3, I’m joined by Lunethex and ACES CURE PLANES.

In Part 4, I’m joined by Skippy Granola and Cirvante. Skippy just wrapped up a casual LP of Gun and is also doing commentary for kalonZombie’s LP of InFamous: Second Son and SortaYuy’s LP of GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor.

And lastly, in the Multiplayer Mode disaster video, I am joined by Blind Sally and ACES again.

Aircraft not featured in Ace Combat Zero:

Manufacturer: Grumman
Role: Experimental Fighter
Manufactured: 1984
Status: Retired
Primary Operators: United States (DARPA, NASA)
Quick Facts:

The forward-swept wings of this aircraft allow for exceptional turning ability. An advanced fly-by-wire system is employed to overcome instabilities inherent in this design.

Missile: 60
QAAM: 10
LAGM: 10

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
Role: Air Superiority / Stealth
Manufactured: 1996-2011
Status: In Service
Primary Operators: United States
Quick Facts:

A fighter with stealth capabilities and thrust vectoring nozzles for superior maneuverability. Designed to relieve much of the pilot's burden, the "Raptor" represents a new generation of air superiority.

Missile: 82
XMAA: 18
GPB: 12
SOD: 12

Tornado GR.4
Manufacturer: Panavia Aircraft GmbH
Role: Multirole
Manufactured: 1978-1998
Status: In Service
Primary Operators: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia
Quick Facts:

Called the "Tornado", this aircraft is capable of both high-speed low-level infiltration, and short take-off and landing (STOL). These features provide overall improvements in survivability, maneuverability, and striking capability.

Missile: 72
BDSP: 12
LASM: 12

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Lockheed Martin
Role: Multirole
Manufactured: 1995-2011
Status: In Service
Primary Operators: Japan
Quick Facts:

An F-16 variant developed through an international collaboration. While its design is optimized for air-to-ground and air-to-ship combat, the F-2A is also an effective air superiority fighter.

Missile: 72
LASM: 12
XMAA: 20
SFFS: 14

X-02 Wyvern
Manufacturer: Erusian Air and Space Administration (EASA)
Role: Multirole
Manufactured: 1987-2004
Status: In Service
Primary Operators: Erusea, Osea, Yuktobania, Ustio, FCU, Aurelia
Quick Facts:

The pinnacle of Erusian military aviation technology, the 'Wyvern' combines stealth with extraordinary agility, made possible by its unique variable geometry wings.

Missile: 84
XLAA: 14
QAAM: 14
XAGM: 16

We’ll be seeing more of the X-02 Wyvern two games down the road in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

Manufacturer: North Osea Gründer Industries
Role: Next Generation Fighter
Manufactured: 1998-????
Status: In Service
Primary Operators: Osea, FCU, Aurelia
Quick Facts:

Cutting-edge fighter aircraft incorporating the latest technologies developed by Gründer Industries. Its 360-degree view cockpit system gives its pilot an immense advantage in combat.

Missile: 84
TLS: 14
XLAA: 18

Though it gets a fair bit of use here in post-mortem, our real introduction to the ADF-01 FALKEN is coming up in our next Ace Combat outing, Ace Combat 2. Stay tuned.


In addition to the Morgan, Wyvern, and Falken, Ace Combat Zero was supposed to have a fourth superplane on its roster: the ADA-01A ADLER, pictured above. The Adler was intended to debut in Ace Combat 5 as that game’s exclusive superplane, but ultimately never made it into the final product, nor into Zero.

For years, the Adler was “the one that got away” in terms of Ace Combat superplanes. It was intended to be the fighter bomber companion plane to the ADF-01 FALKEN, which originally appeared in Ace Combat 2, so spoilers for AC2 coming up next. However, the Adler never actually made it into either 5 or Zero and was dummied out of the game. Project Aces had a completed model for the Adler, but some unknown complications prevented it from being implemented in both games, most likely either issues with its hitbox or animation rigging or its exclusive special weapon.

Project Aces salvaged the model, showing it off in the ACES AT WAR artbook alongside the Falken with an explanatory note describing its absence from the final two games of the so called “Golden Trilogy” (04, 5, and Zero). Ten years later, the Adler would be resurrected, after a fashion, in Ace Combat Infinity as a slightly modified variant dubbed the ADA-01B ADLER. It’s unimplemented special weapon (the mysterious SDBM, a more powerful version of the Morgan’s Multi-Purpose Burst Missile or MPBM) was replaced by MPBM.

In Infinity, the Adler’s cockpit is also shown to be of a near identical model to the Falken’s COFFIN system as shown off predominantly in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. Beyond that, there’s not much to say about the Adler, except to touch on its name. The word adler is German for “eagle”, which further emphasizes the connection between it and the Falken as the word falken is German for “falcon”.

And now a quick run through of all the special weapons in Ace Combat Zero and a rough summation of what they do, in case anyone doesn’t have time to actually watch any of the videos.


Semi-Active Air-to-Air Missile

Must be manually guided to a target by keeping the target inside the guidance circle and within effective range, otherwise the shot will go off target. Normally a one-hit kill if it connects. Has the firing code “Fox 1”.

Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missile

Locks on to four targets at a time, has the longest firing range of any air-to-air munitions in the game, and is a one-hit kill if it connects, but is highly inaccurate. Has the firing code "Fox 3".

Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile

Locks on to four targets at a time at medium range, and is a one-hit kill if it connects, but is also highly inaccurate. Has the firing code "Fox 3".

Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile

Highly maneuverable missile, most accurate air-to-air ordinance in the game, offset by lower ammo count compared to the XLAA/XMAA.


Napalm Bomb

Strikes a small area in a straight line with a wave of fire. Sticks to kids.

Unguided Bomb

Impacts a small blast radius destroying all targets in effective range. Has the firing code "Pickle" in certain games.

Unguided Bomb (Large)

Impacts a larger blast radius than the UGB, destroying all targets in effective range. Has the firing code "Pickle" in certain games.

Rocket Launcher

Fires a series of rockets in a spread pattern in front of the plane. Difficult to aim due to each rocket's randomized trajectory and launch vector.

Fuel-Air Explosion Bomb

Creates a massive devastating blast by dispersing an aerosol gas cloud and then igniting it to form a fuel-air explosion effect.

Bomblet Dispersal Pod

Dispenses a large number of tiny explosives which destroy targets along a fixed horizontal axis in front of the aircraft.

Self-Forging Fragmentation Submunitons Bomb

Dispenses semi-guided bomblets which detonate with explosively formed penetration force when a ground target is detected. Drop altitude effects weapon coverage area.


Long Range Air-to-Ship Missile

A long range missile designed to destroy ground targets and ship targets. Specifically called an anti-ship missile in Zero, but will work against regular surface targets as well. Will not target aerial enemies.

Long Range Air-to-Ground Missile

An extreme long range air-to-surface missile designed specifically to strike at SAM or AA installations from a safe distance.

Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile

A shorter ranged air-to-ground missile capable of striking up to four targets at once.

Stand-Off Dispenser

Guided bomblet dispenser that causes massive damage through compounding explosions. Destroys all ground targets in a straight line depending on drop altitude and angle.

Ground Penetration Bomb

Aka a "bunker buster". Does massive damage against a single guided target and all other additional targets within its blast radius. Can lock on to ground targets within 2000ft distance.


Electronic Countermeasure Pod

Jams enemy radar rendering the plane immune to enemy lock ons for a brief period. Activating it while evading an incoming missile will disable that missile's lock on you and render it inert.

Tactical Laser System

A high powered chemical laser beam fired in a straight line in front of the plane and can be aimed by steering the plane towards a target. Anything caught in the beam for more than a second is a one-hit kill. The Morgan's laser lasts about 5 second, the Falken's lasts about 10.

Multi-Purpose Burst Missile

A small scale ballistic missile capable of destroying any target, air or ground, caught in its massive blast radius. Its sheer destructive power is offset by its long reload time, limited ammo count, and one shot firing limit.

And with that, we have reached the end of Let’s Play Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, fully and completely. I’d just like to take this last opportunity to thank once again all my wonderful guest commentators, all of whom I intend to have back on for Ace Combat 2 if I can get them. Extra special thanks as well goes out to Lunethex and ACES CURE PLANES for going above and beyond the call of duty with the Electrosphere mini-LP and Mercenary mode videos, respectively.

I’d also like to thank you, the readers and viewers of this thread and the videos. You’ve made this all worthwhile for me and have given me the confidence to hopefully be able to see this whole project through to its completion with Ace Combat X or Ace Combat 7, when it’s released. So thank you all once again, and I hope to see you all in the coming weeks when we start into Let’s Play I’d Rather Be LPing Assault Horizon Legacy Ace Combat 2.

See you out there.