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Part 4: High Iron Content

"Wow, that place is a mess. Is the lake red with the blood of people Tanzra's demons slaughtered?"

"It's been far too long for that to be the case, Master, but I'm sure it wasn't like that when we left it."

Spinning into action! It never gets old!

I absolutely love the moon and the cloudy background of this stage. It's wonderfully atmospheric, although the fact that you die instantly if you fall into the water adds some challenge.

Although not too much.

As a change up from the previous goblins, we now have rock throwing dwarves. Maybe meant to be Redcaps? Either way, they're still a joke.

A staple of platformers - the sinking log. A failure in timing spells death.

"For the love of Me, what IS that thing? This place really does need Me!"

Less disturbing are lizard people, although these guys can send a spinning disc attack to disrupt your day. You have to close in on them to finish it, and they take a couple of hits.

The slightly differently patterned bridge sections directly in front of me will collapse under you, so you have to keep moving. This stage really is trying to kill you.

Although every once in a while it throws you a bone… or apple, as the case may be.

Eventually the path dead ends with the boss of the stage, the Manticore. His attack pattern is pretty simple: he jumps out of the water, hops up each platform individually, then jumps across the gap and repeats the process in reverse. You can try to chase him around, but it's easier to just take some swipes at him when he passes you.

The constant vertical changes make it hard to tag him with Magical Fire, but it's worth a try while he's distant. The fireball to my left is from the Manticore. That's his other mode of attack.

Once you get the pattern down, he's just a matter of time. The only real risk is that if you're hit just right you can end up knocked down into the water and die.

"Angel, about those two… something about them…"

"I'm afraid there's only so much variety we can manage just starting out, Master. They all look the same to me anyway."

"I guess this wasn't an issue last time since we started in one place and spread out from there instead of restarting in six different places. "

"Not yet, they're going to interrupt us in about 3… 2…"

"Would please use sunlight to dry up the marsh lands?"

"Only because you were polite and said please."

"Before that, though… Angel, clear this up! I'll have no monsters hiding behind easily ignitable plants."

"Yes sir!"

"And you lot! Build toward that monster's lair until I tell you to stop!"

Sunlight is a bit more expensive than rain or lightning, but as you can see it's going to come in handy in at least one more area.

You can also use it to dry up crops, but unlike destroying crappy houses to build improvements there's no real reason to do so. The field is still there, even if dried out, and won't be replaced by anything. The only thing you can do with it is either leave it there or restore it with rain.

"If it's not that they're done with that monster's lair I feel some wrath coming on."

"Oh, don't worry about that. It's perfectly natural. I won't even smite him for it."

"Master, I don't think that's what they're asking about."

"…his curious energy may get him into trouble."

"You were saying, Angel? Just tell him to take a cold bath, just not directly in the lake. Water that color can't be healthy."

"Master! I don't think you're in any position to be giving parenting advice."

"I know it's nothing to bother you with. I'm sorry for bringing up such a silly matter."

"Although I can't imagine why after that last conversation."

"Please share our new found crop with lands that cannot produce wheat."

"Sure, whatever. Now, about that monster's lair?

"Much better. Now, let's see this wheat they were talking about…"

"We want to build homes on the other side of the rivers, but don't know how to build bridges.

"Damn, I knew I forgot something… although the people in Fillmore figured it out on their own, I'll have you know."

"We'll be back in a minute."

"There we go… hey Angel, what's to stop the monsters from destroying Bloodpool while we're over here getting these bridge plans?"

"Good manners?"

"You're right, we should probably hurry."

"Just drop those off and… wait, since when does wheat grow in water?

"Since somebody confused wheat with rice, Master. Probably too late to correct it now."

"We'll just have to punish them for their error, and for being so slow to figure out the whole bridge thing.

"Yes Master, I'm sure that will teach them."

"They'll need solid foundations to build bridges, Master."

"And to get to that blue dragon lair. Wait, where's the other one?"

"I think I hear something from the Temple, Master. Maybe they've found something?"

"Nope, they've lost something. Next time you really need to put a leash on that kid."

"He must be very hungry by now. Oh my Master, we have made a loaf of bread. Please find Teddy and give him the bread."

"I guess…wouldn't you rather just have me bring him back?"

"Oh Master, please give this loaf of bread to poor lonely Teddy."

"I am not a delivery service. Angel, you go find the kid and bring him his lunch."

"Found him, Master. He's poking around the caves and castle and possibly about to be eaten by some kind of red demon."

"Probably that it's pretty strange that a loaf of bread just fell out of the sky in front of him. It's not like it looks different from any other loaf of bread."

"That was quick."

"Either that, or he was convinced that he had just missed being smote by bread and decided to mend his sinful ways."

"He didn't mean to run away, he was trying to discover how the lake was poisoned.

"So… did he figure it out? 'Cause honestly, we're stumped."

"According to Teddy, the lake was poisoned because of its closeness to the Monsters' Lair. We present you with this skull that he found in the cave."

"A skull… that's… uh… your offering is appreciated? What am I supposed to do with this thing?"

"Show it around in the next town and tell them it's what happened to the last person who disobeyed you?"

"Perfect, and if they keep this up that should be coming pretty soon… now where did that red demon come from?"

"That was unexpectedly quick. They haven't even filled in most of the streets yet!

"I'll have a talk with them about multiplying and how they should do more of it, then."

Next time: A hidden lair, a sudden storm, and a wolf that is definitely not a zeppelin.