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Part 7: Walk Like a Kasandoran

Before we do anything, we've still got some population growth coming. We've already got enough levels to take the next step, but more SP and HP is always better. Next level at total pop of 1900.

"Good news, Angel, I've got an idea of how to deal with that pyramid.

"Master, we already know how to deal with it… I think I even spotted a hole in the side that I can drop the statue into."

"Nonsense! As old as that thing is, one good earthquake will send it tumbling to the ground."

"Because it made it this long by being shoddily built, my Lord?"

"Oh ye of little faith…"

"Crap! Stall them while I think of a sin we can claim they committed to deserve this!"

"As a result, we found an unusual jewel. Please accept it as an offering."

"So… they're not upset about the near genocide and destruction of all of their homes?"

"Apparently it hasn't set in, Master."

"Well, the new houses look nice at least. I guess we'll just have to go with your boring old plan B for dealing with the pyramid."

"Plan A, Master. I refuse to accept an earthquake as plan A."

"Oh, have it your way. Can't be too bad, though, since they're building houses right next to it."

Destroying all of the sub-standard houses once you're level 3 can result in massive boosts in population and is pretty much necessary if you want to reach the highest population levels in ActRaiser. Also, we've temporarily stopped at the Number of the Beast. Next level: total pop 2200.

"For the love of Me, have another two kids or something. We can't have that as a stable population number."

"It looks like they took your orders seriously, Master. Are we picking up things to go into the pyramid? There are quite a few items."

"…eventually. First we'll be taking the music and all the other immediately useful items and going on a little trip."

"This, for example, is going to Bloodpool."

"Let's just hope that THEY can feel it."

"It certainly looks like something is happening."

"Looks like business as usual.. which is certainly an improvement."

"We present this compass to you as an offering."

"We'll be sure to put it to good use… but before that…"

"This is what you get for being a bunch of quarrelsome shits! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Master, that maniacal laughter is worrying me a bit…"

"This is… terrible, my Lord. Are you sure about this?"

"Oh, don't worry so much. They'll bounce back in no time at all."

Due to the way that Bloodpool fell into stop status due to the fighting immediately after the end of the second action stage, we didn't get the benefit of the extra 17,000 or so points we earned there. Stopping the quarreling and wiping out all of the low-tech houses allows us to squeeze out another 300 or so people. Next level: total pop 2500.

With this we've hit Max on Bloodpool, although it should be mentioned that max is a bit of a flexible status. Theoretically I could have squeezed out another 8 people in Bloodpool if I'd built one less bridge, but that's well within acceptable margins. Max basically means that you've reached the limit of all the available factors, not that it's the absolute maximum that this area can ever hold.

This is something you can use in two different places, but one place has two ways of meeting the same goal so we'll using it in a place we've already been.

"But Master, what have the people of Fillmore done?"

"Who says they have to have done anything? But if you insist, I'm pretty sure I told them to be fruitful and multiply and they've disappointed me a bit in that regard."

This is the place where we use the Compass. The other option makes a bit of sense if you think about it: Marahna. I'll describe how we could have used the Compass there when it comes up.

"If it's complaints about the earthquake, they'll get another one just for that reason."

"Because they've got something left that another earthquake would destroy?"

"Our deep sea fishing is bound to yield curious finds other than fish. If something is found, I will inform you."

"If you find any really weird fish, tell me about those too. I like it when people appreciate my work."

"Was it in a fish? Because that would be the best possible place."

A bit more time, and Fillmore is at Max… or almost. You see, after playing through the next section I did some experimenting. Fillmore can get another 16 population from its current point (the theoretical max is 914) if I destroy a couple of the fields. Fillmore actually has too many fields, since it was built with corn and then converted to wheat. Fields actually do provide support, with one corn field required for every 32 people and one "wheat" field required for every 48 people. The large house structures fill the same role as fields.

I think that makes something like 6 lives? If you don't need more than your original life to finish an area, that's 6,000 automatic points. Over two stages that's more than half of what you'd need to max each of the remaining levels.

With that, it's finally time to hit the pyramid. We'll be taking our newer magic to use, because it's seriously one of the best spells overall. In this case it's particularly useful, which I'll explain in a minute.

"Diving headfirst into a pointy pile of rocks might not be the smartest idea I've ever come up with."

"If it makes you feel better, Master, it's not the stupidest one either."

Tomb Raiding

This level takes the Egyptian theme to the max, and it's absolutely lovely to go through.

To be thematically appropriate you have to have Asps crawling around on the ground. The pharaoh's mask on the wall shoots arrows out of its mouth.

And of course there are mummies. They're exactly as fragile as you'd expect a desiccated corpse held together by bandages to be.

These guys are actually formidable swordsmen who like to use a low lunging attack to sneak one in on you. They've even got a duplicate model of the Master's sword!

Love the giant statues fading off into the distance. There's a fair bit of platforming in this area, including multiple moving platforms moving at different rates.

The upgraded swordsman shoots projectiles from his sword, making it easier for him to tag you. Despite that, he's still just a minor obstacle. The red version does have some more HP, however, and is a bit more evasive.

Eventually we get to the final boss of the section, Pharaoh. His main attack is to come down like a ton of bricks on top of you, although he can also create Pharaoh heads to shoot arrows at you and produce a horizontal blast of energy. I've never seen that one, however, because...

As huge as he is Magical Stardust is guaranteed to land a ton of hits. Those shooting stars across the screen are its manifestation. Two quick uses of Magical Stardust will utterly wreck this boss, giving you the easiest win in the game.

"Eh, it was on my to-do list."

"The man who was lost in the desert was probably enticed by the pyramid's magic power. Thank you so much for taking care of us. We can now ooh after ourselves."

If that's the case, he was pretty damn lost. I don't think he could have been further southeast of the pyramid if he tried."

"Master, you designed them… are humans supposed to stumble and collapse in the street like that?"

"Not that I remember?"

"Okay, THIS one isn't my fault."

"Please give us some herbs! Please save us from suffering and bring peace to our lives!"

Well readers ,now we have a bit of a choice. Due to our earthquake shenanigans we've got a far higher population than we otherwise might at this point, and thus have access to all three of the remaining zones. Northwall is a no go for reasons, but we can either go to Marahna and seek tropical herbs to cure the plague, or go to Aitos and let them stew in their plague juices for a while longer?

You've got approximately 24 hours to make your wishes known!