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Part 9: The Temple of Doom… But Better

"Lookout below!"

"Fair warning, my Lord, this may relate to someone having a concussion."

"Er… yeah, sorry about that?"

"As instructed by this tablet, we shall investigate the bird-shaped island."

"Exactly as planned. Angel, go ahead and clear some of the underbrush up to let them search a bit more easily."

Next level: 3300. This will not occur within this area!

"I swear, I feel something watching me from that temple… Master, it's creeping me out!"

"Fine, fine. We'll wipe it out presently."

Funnily enough, Marahna's level three houses look like the log cabin houses in most of the other areas. Somehow this is making me miss the Bahamas.

"Angel? I thought you said they had something to tell me?"

"Well, this is embarrassing…"

"Sir GodJesus, you must enter the shrine and fight to save your people!"

"Well, since I was going to do that anyway, I suppose…"

"Although they're still building new houses and breeding even if they've got creepy black clouds over their houses."

"Of course, that doesn't mean they get off scot free for abandoning my temple!"

"I'm sure another earthquake after they asked for the first one will teach them a valuable lesson."

"Hmm… it seems to be worst near the temple. We really are going to have to do something about that."

Shades of some temple designs in Southeast Asia. Once again, bursting through the roof.

The Hidden Temple

This looks like we have two ways to go, but the path to the right is a dead end. This will not be the case throughout this area.

Our first enemies are snakes that hop around on their tales and breath fire. This is a very weird place.

Further left we ride the elevator down. The faces on the side shoot darts (one is about to violate the statue) and can be destroyed, but being on both sides of the elevator we can't get them all.

More dropping platforms. Naturally the lower area is lined with spikes.

And incase you weren't going to have nightmares, there's these guys here. After firing at you the heads detach and follow you around.

"I'm just grateful that as unnatural as these are there's no way I could be responsible. Even after a bender."

These rotating paired orbs shoot lightning vertically or horizontally based on which way they're facing. It's just a matter of patience to get past them.

There's actually two different ways to get to this area, but either way is about the same with only minor variations. You really do have to duck here, by the way. Luckily enough there's an apple at the bottom of the circuit the moving platform is traversing.

"Angel, I thought it was the Masque of the Red Death, not the Masque of the Pink Death."

"The pink robes certainly do remove a great deal of the intimidation factor, my Lord."

Eventually we end up with the final boss of this area, Kalia. Before doing this LP I'd never actually looked at her to see just how weird her design is. We've got a cobra's head on a four armed body, with what looks like either 8 legs or 2 in a lotus position on top of some kind of weird platform. Kalia mainly attacks by dropping spiked platforms on you, shooting a lightning bolt from her wands, and just sprouting spikes from her ass and dropping on you. None of that is a factor, however, as we have five magic charges and Magical Stardust.

It ends very quickly after that, although Kalia is surprisingly hard to hit with this spell.

"Yeah, they certainly got some 'spraining to do."

"No matter how many homes we seem to build, monsters came and destroyed them."

"Oh, bullshit. For My sake, I kept them off your back. If anybody destroyed your houses it was m… oh."

"In the mist of all our troubles, a man of eloquence appeared."

"That's far too direct to tolerate. I think somebody needs a holy asskicking."

"What is this, an after school special? If I hadn't already earthquaked away all of your more fragile buildings I'd earthquake you again!"

"Master! It looks like they've finally gotten around to exploring that island!"

While they're doing that, we've gotten our fourth area to max population. The only difference was 24 people between the first and second act. Those extra lives really make a difference.

"How thoroughly I shall smite thee depends on what this is about."

"I accept your offering, and will leave you to live your lives in peace. Hopefully you don't end up resorting to cannibalism at some point."