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Part 8: Interview 4 Bonus

Dudecon 04 - An Introduction To Twee

On the sofas, relaxing next to the drinks, several my dudes are sat around chatting. Dragonborn, the largest and bulkiest of them, is drinking from a large glass whilst speaking with the malicious Twee, the aggressive Hell and the draconic Prince. Dudette, also sat with them, seems too lost in thought to discuss anything with them.

“So, Hell, where did you say you were from again?” asks Prince. “Alberia is no stranger to other worlds, but what you’ve described so far sounds otherworldly indeed.”

Hell shrugs. “Eh, it’s not that exciting. Disgaea; a world of battle. Humans like me are just caught in the crossfire between the armies of light and darkness. And should you ever find yourself in the Netherworld, well…”

“How terrifying.” replies Dragonborn.

“This is a nice change of pace.” Hell replies.

Twee pats his shoulder gently. Despite his kindly demeanour, there’s a strange unease about him, as if he’s looking right though Hell.

“There, there. You’re safe here. Have a drink and relax.”

With that, he pushes a drink into Hell’s hands and gives a charming grin, before hopping over the back of the sofa and wandering off. Hell shrugs, and sips the drink at exactly the same moment that Prince and Dragonborn give a strangled yell.

A single drop slips down Hell’s throat before he puts the drink down and stares at the pair. “What on earth was that about?”

“Something you should know about him-” Prince starts.

“He’s a prankster, and his favourite prank is spiking people’s drinks. It was on the invitations to Dudecon, I believe - ‘never accept drinks from Twee’.”

“Oh, yes, I remember reading that.” Hell says, turning to watch the curious my dude as he heads down the kitchen corridor. “So that’s the one they call Twee?”

“Not much is known about him, in all honesty.” says Prince, nodding.

“...I can kind of understand it. Our worlds are full of conflict and destruction - all my dudes find themselves in lands wrought by war. If he escapes those terrors by pranks and merrymaking, then better that than… you know, something more violent.” Hell replies, musing on it for a few moments, staring at the mysterious drink before him. “In my world, life is cheap. But here, for an evening, I can spend time with people who understand my position. I can pretend I’m worth more.”

Prince nods, but Dragonborn doesn’t seem convinced. He heaves a sigh.

“I wish that were true.” he says gravely. “Twee, however, is the outlier. I believe he’s come from a world of a more idyllic nature. His days are filled with exchanging pleasantries with townsfolk, fishing, spending time with friends, going to museums, and the like. He’s not a prankster because his lot in life is one of suffering - more the opposite. He sees his life as boring, and spends this one evening every year livening things up.”

Hell’s eyebrows descend thunderously upon hearing this. Through gritted teeth, he hisses “So he’s got what we all want? What we all fight for? And he’s squandering it because it’s… it’s boring? Urgh, the very thought disgusts me.”

“That’s Twee for you. Let’s stop discussing him and have some non-spiked drinks, shall we?”

“Mm!” Dragonborn replies. “I’ve been meaning to get a flagon of that special brew! This night, every year, is the only time I get to have it, and I spend the rest of the year trying to find a single drink as tasty as it!”

Prince chuckles. “Alright, let’s head to the kitchen.”

Dudette stands up suddenly, ramrod stiff.

“Are you alright?” asks Hell, turning to her. She nods, looking uncomfortable.

“Y-yes. I need to talk to Commander, excuse me.”

She strides off, and the three my dudes watch her go.

“I’m not even going to ask.” Prince replies. “Come on, let’s go.”


Barracks 04 - Girl's Night

“Hi, Dave! You did so well today!” Rin says as she spots Dave in the corridor. He nods, and gives a half-grin.

“Yeah, suppose so. Thanks.” he says. “Oh, right - got something for you.”

“Thomething- sorry, something for me?”

Dave takes a small wooden carving out of his pocket. It’s notably more refined than the one he gave to Lucy - it’s a tiny wooden boat, and when Rin looks closely, she can see two small wooden figures stood on it. One has a grumpy face drawn on in dark marker pen, and the other is smiling.

“Oh, my gosh…” Rin murmurs. “It’s beautiful!”

“It’s nothing special.” Dave replies. “I took up whittling during my time off, so I figured I might make you something.”

“I love it! Thank you so much!” Rin says, hugging him tightly, causing him to gasp for breath. When she releases him, he eyes her nightie and make-up kit.

“Where are you off to, anyway?”

“Girl’s night with Selena, Lucy and Fliss!” Rin replies. “Sorry, girls only.”

“Heh.” Dave replies, grinning. “I mean, I’m hardly chompin’ at the bit to attend. Have fun, though. And don’t stay up too late.”

“What are ya, my dad? I’ll be fine! You have fun too, and I’ll see you tomorrow!” Rin says, dashing up the corridor, before turning around again, holding the little boat in her palm. “It’s so nice to be reunited with you!”

“Alright, alright. Off with you, you’re gonna make me blush.” sighs Dave. Rin giggles and heads off.

When she arrives at Selena and Fliss’ room, the girl’s night is already in full swing. There’s a chick flick playing, and Michael is sat having his nails painted carefully by Fliss. Lucy is writing in a little journal, and Selena is pouring out some champagne. They look up as Rin enters.

“Hi, guys!” Rin says. “Oh, Michael! Happy you could join us!”

“I’m always happy to be here.” Michael replies with a soft smile.

“Hold still,” Fliss murmurs, focussing on her work. “I’m almost done with this hand.”

Rin heads over to Lucy. “What are you up to?”

“I was about to ask that myself.” Selena says, taking a glass of champagne and sitting on the floor next to Michael and Fliss, watching the film out of the corner of her eye.

Lucy looks up in surprise. “Oh, uh, not much! Making notes on the battle today!”

“Notes on the battle?” asks Fliss.

Lucy goes red with embarrassment. “It, uh… it was something I used to do for my dude every so often. I’d make Lucy Logs for him, for when he didn’t want to do the battle log. I’m not as good of a writer as him, but I’ve been practising on improving my writing and using capital letters!”

“Oh, I see.” Fliss says. “You really miss this my dude?”

“I think we all do.” Michael replies. “He was a legendary tactician - there was something about him that was lovable, even when he was being a little arrogant. He started out as a newbie to war, effectively, but he grew and trained as hard as he could. By the time we faced Sturm, he was ready to show the world what he could do. And I think they were quite impressed.”

“Yeah, he really was something else…” murmurs Selena, feeling her face heat up a little. She sips the champagne, trying to control her emotions.

“I miss him a whole lot! So I figured, whilst we wait for him to come back, I would make Lucy Logs for him. That way, he doesn’t miss a thing!”

“That’s very cute, Lucy. I think he’ll really appreciate that.”

“I hope so. Do we know when he’s coming back?” Lucy replies.

Michael shrugs. “I think he said a year, or something? Though it was very hush-hush, so who knows. Maybe he’ll…”

“Don’t say he’ll never come back.” Selena mutters.

“I won’t.” Michael replies. “Anyway, let’s lighten up. Got some champagne, Selena?”

“The glasses are over there - Lucy, don’t drink too much. Your father will kill me otherwise.” Selena replies.

Fliss puts the finishing touches on Michael’s nails. “There we go. You need to wait a little while f-for them to dry, but they’ll l-look quite lovely…”

“Thank you kindly, Fliss. Want me to do yours?”

“Oh, no, that’s alright…” Fliss murmurs. “I don’t really use make-up or nail painting. I like d-doing it for others, though.”

“Ooh! Ooh! Do mine!” Rin says, leaping onto the floor beside Fliss, scaring the poor girl somewhat.

Selena smiles at the group. “Settle down, now. Let’s have a nice, relaxing evening. I think we’ve earned it.”