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Part 30: Interview 15 Bonus

Barracks 15 - The Vanguard Advances

It’s a quiet night at the edge of the Blue Moon border, and several units are playing cards to kill some time. Despite the lateness of the night, they’ll be moving out just a few hours before daylight, bound for the western Blue Moon territory to provide backup against a terrifyingly large missile silo.

“So, how are you finding your first time being the vanguard, Alfonse?” asks Michael as he shuffles the deck.

“It’s certainly tiring. We’ve had like four hours sleep the entire time we’ve been travelling.”

“Well, even in fighters and copters, it’s no small feat to fly across the entirety of Orange Star in two days.” Lucy replies, grinning. “Besides, we’ve got to help our friends if that intel is true! A missile that big would be ruinous.”

“Harrumph! She’s right.” Von Panzer says. He picks up his cards as Michael deals them to him, then pulls a face; he didn’t get what he wanted. “Zwei in. But yes, we must do all we can to help them. I wouldn’t put it past Black Hole to turn that missile’s sights onto Orange Star once Blue Moon is destroyed.”

“You’re correct, of course.” Michael says.

“Still, we’re going to have to travel fast to make it by tomorrow. If Olaf gets to the missile before we do…” Ingo murmurs.

The group fall silent, knowing that there is a gigantic Black Hole army lying in wait for Olaf’s forces.

“Let’s not worry! We’ll get there on time!” Lucy replies. “Alright, I’ll bet ten to start with.”

“I’ll raise you another ten.” Alfonse says. “It’ll be nice to fight with Blue Moon once more. I wonder if some of the faces from the final battle with Sturm will be there?”

“I’m sure they will! Dimitri and the others, right? The guy that took three meteors to the face and lived to tell the tale!” Lucy says.

“They’re tough in Blue Moon, ja.” Von Panzer replies. “...Ach! I fold.”

“Wonder what the others are up to?” Michael asks. The others shrug, not quite sure, and Michael nods. “Ah well, it’ll be important things, I’m sure.”

“Most likely helping Yellow Comet.” Ingo says. “Call. I hope Dave’s doing alright trying to control that lot.”

“Selena will help, I’m sure. Though if we get back and he’s killed Carter, I won’t be surprised.” Alfonse says wryly.

“Alright, showdown.” Michael replies. He winces as everyone else puts their cards down.

“Three of a kind, baby! Pay up!” Lucy crows, and the others sigh as they slide the money over to her.

“How does she do that every single time we play?” hisses Alfonse to Ingo, who shrugs.

“I have absolutely no idea.” Ingo murmurs. “Do you think her old man taught her to play?”

“It’d explain her perfect poker face, wouldn’t it?” Michael whispers.

Von Panzer taps the table, making the others jump. “Either way, I am not done yet! Deal them again!”