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Part 36: Interview 18 [Part 2] - "The Children Of Blue Moon" (Or, "Dipshit's Redemption Arc")

Interview 18 [Part 2] - "The Children Of Blue Moon” (Or, “Dipshit’s Redemption Arc”)

Thanks to Dave and Carter's efforts, they've captured quite a number of properties, now. Dipshit's finances aren't as dire as they were before.

"Hi, folks!" Alfonse says, flying his copter towards the battlefield and opening fire on an enemy infantry. "Nice to see you Blue Moon soldiers again. We'll be taking care of the seam. Just keep supporting us on the ground!"

"Will do," Dimitri replies, nodding. "Good luck, Alfonse."

I have to admit, this is going pretty well. Lash is close to defeat.

They're not in the home stretch yet, though. The seam is going to take a while to destroy.

Plus, as you can see, Lash isn't giving up without a fight.

Lots of tanks attacking tanks today. Tankicide? Is that a thing?

No. No it is not.

Anton takes heavy damage from an enemy infantry, though.

Mm, I see what you mean. They're not in the clear yet.

To buy some time, Diana and Anna join...

The empty space is filled by Kira, who opens fire on the enemy tank.

And Dimitri does the same to that infantry.

Meanwhile, Ivan and Carter have pretty much captured everything down south now.

Anton made his retreat, and everything is mostly under control, save for the two enemy tanks.

It's Dipshit's turn, and he deploys V-


You don't need to yell, my dude.

Ah, that's why Dimitri went for the infantry. Alfonse is much more suited to taking on the enemy tank.

Quite so. And Lucy can very easily delete the other one, rendering them pretty much a non-issue once more.

Plus, it's a safe day, so Carl can leave the factory and help attack this infantry...

...allowing Fliss/Ingo to finish it off...

Oh, and Michael refuels them! Cute!

Now it's Lash's turn again. Let's see what other annoyances she's got in store.

Now much, actually. Her troops are more concerned with moving away from the factory.

How strange. They must be going for the airport on the right.

Indeed. Colin and Dipshit's forces, meanwhile, are still trying to press the advantage.

Colin doesn't really have the troops to provide much aid, though. It'll be mostly Andy from here on in.

Well, Fliss and Ingo can easily take out that tank.

Quite. Alfonse moves towards the base, the last blockade before he can reach the seam.

If they can get a unit on top of that base, Lash won't be able to produce any more troops over here.

Unfortunately, Carl is still quite weak, and can't score a kill here.

They're so close now... come on, Orange Star. Lash can't do anything to you at this point.


Lash doesn't have any powerful units, though. The defensive bonus will be the most irksome part of this Super CO Power.

This looks a bit rough, but don't worry, Dave survives.

As I predicted, they're after the airport. Dipshit needs to destroy the seam before they get some air forces deployed.

The defensive bonus proves to be annoying, as even tanks can barely scratch this infantry.

It's just an infantry, though. Even if it's surviving these hits, it's not doing much damage in retaliation.

Indeed. Andy's turn now.

Now he's been softened up by Dimitri and Diana/Anna, Fliss/Ingo can take out this infantry.

Oh, plus he has his CO Power now. Nice.

Sigh. Dipshit's actually strategising really well today. This is disappointing.

My condolences, my dude.

His troops retreat, with Von Panzer and Alfonse forming a solid wall that the tank can't break through.

Lash terrorises an airport, in the meantime.

We have to be close to the end now.

Indeed. First, Dimitri opens fire on this tank. He takes some damage from the counter attack, but...

He joins with Diana/Anna to be restored to full HP.

Wow, there's a whole party in this tank now.

Colin notices some enemy units heading for his undefended HQ, and decides to do something about it.

First, using his CO Power to earn more money than I do in a year...

And deploying a whole bunch of expensive shit with it. Bit of an overreaction, Colin, it's one artillery.

The rest of this is up to Dipshit, though.

The ground troops destroy Lash's last few units.

Alfonse, meanwhile, fires on the seam. It'll take him four shots to destroy, so we still have a few days where things could go wrong.

Bleh. Home stretch, lads, here we go.

Von Panzer attacks this infantry, but can't get a kill.

Michael can bait the infantry to attack instead of moving, however. Next turn, Dipshit can block off this base.

Lash has acquired an airport.

Ah fuck. This could be bad.

Some of Lash's other units attack the troops, but nothing that can't be instantly defeated next turn.

The Party Tank goes for this last enemy tank, and destroys it.

Party Tank, I like it.

Unfortunately, that's all Colin can really contribute right now.

And Lucy murders the hell out of this artillery.

Alfonse lands the second shot on this seam. Two days left. And, once Dipshit takes out this infantry...

Michael can install himself on this base. The map is pretty much over.

A transport copter? What the hell is that gonna do, Lash?

We'll skip Colin's turn, since he's got nothing to do but wait.

Lucy finishes murderfucking this anti-air.

"Murderfucking" isn't a real word, my dude. Anyway. Alfonse gets his third shot off. One left.

I can't believe this. Is Dipshit about to virtually single-handedly rescue Blue Moon?

Well, Lash's troops certainly didn't do anything to stop him.

And, with one last Lucy shot to round things off...

No, no, don't tell me...



He actually fucking did it. God damn, Dipshit. I don't know how to feel about this.

Save the therapy session for later, Commander.

BH Soldier: Mistress Lash! Wait for us!

Yes! A victory for our army! A victory for Blue Moon.

Orange Star did most of the heavy lifting, to be fair.

Commander Olaf… Wow, he even cries big…

More than anyone else I know, the boss lives for his country. Those are tears of pure joy.

Really? Commander Olaf is a truly great leader! Of course, so are you, Commander Grit.

Cut that out, Colin. I ain’t used to anyone singing my praises.

See, it’s Dave and Rin.

I’m afraid I don’t, as I never knew Rin and Dave prior to this campaign.

Just trust me. They’re the exact same.

Colin’s right!! In fact, you’re both great commanders! You’re the mold from which great COs are made! You’re the children of Blue Moon!

I’ve never seen so much positivity from Olaf.

You’re MY children!


Hahahah oh my god it’s canon, they’re a family

YOUR children? You tryin’ to scare old Colin half to death?

I must begrudgingly admit that you seem to be right. These three really do have a familial dynamic.

Howdy, Andy… Listen, junior… I want to thank y’all for being so neighborly and helpin’ us out.

Every good neighbour should help out their neighbours during a war. It’s just polite.

This war’s gonna drag on a bit, so we’ll return the favor someday soon. So long.

Uh, Commander Grit! Wait for me!

Thanking others for their goodwill is nothing to be shy about! The ability to express gratitude is as beautiful as the aurora itself! Grit! Colin!

Olaf has suddenly become rather poetic now that his country is free.

“Truly, there is no sight in all the land / That makes me feel free, alive / Than the treads on forest, plains and sand / Of medium tanks, numbered five.”

I see you’re a poet too.

What can I say? Five medium tanks is the best muse a guy could ask for.

It looks like peace has returned to Blue Moon.

Their COs get along well, don’t they? They look like a happy family.

See, even Dipshit thinks they’re a family, it’s god damn canon and I don’t care what anyone says

You think so? They looked a bit dysfunctional to me.

Blue Moon’s safe and sound. Let’s head for home.

And thus, the Blue Moon portion of my journey came to an end.

Finally, everyone’s been talking for like three years.

Yes, yes...

So, Yellow Comet next?

Indeed, my search moved there.

So we have The New Old Guy,

The Old Young Kid,

or Captain Incompetent. This should be fun, where did you go first?

As usual, the audience will let you know. Next time, our Yellow Comet journey will begin.


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