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Part 63: Interview 31 Bonus

Barracks 31 - Uncommon Ground

The truck rumbles as it carries a group of five troops towards the battlefield. Mulligan turns to the rest of them and gives them a wave.

“Well, hey, folks. Looks like we’re finally going to start taking back the country.”

“So it would seem.” Cassandra replies. She’s sat next to Mulligan and Howard, who are holding hands. Sat on the other side of the truck are Sebastian and Adelaide; when Adelaide sees the two men holding hands, she grabs Sebastian’s hand, as if to compete with them.

“So, you’re Howard?” she asks. Howard glances at her.

“Uh, yes, that’s me. I’m pretty new to Green Earth, still. I only moved here last year.”

“I hope you’ve been enjoying it.” Cassandra replies. “It’s… a different place to Orange Star, I know…”

“That’s really interesting, how you guys fought for Orange Star for a time.” Sebastian says, and Adelaide shoots him a glance.

“It’s not interesting, it’s wrong! You can’t just fight for the enemy for a whole campaign and then come back to Green Earth like it’s nothing!”

Cassandra winces, but Mulligan looks unabashed.

“You have to roll with the situation, sometimes. We got shot down in enemy territory, and got drafted into their army. But we came home as soon as we could… and besides, Green Earth is allies with Orange Star now. It’s all good.”

Howard glances at the pair sitting across from him. “You two are in a relationship, yeah? You seem… happy.”

Sebastian opens his mouth to speak, but Adelaide gets there first. “We definitely are! Seb and I go back a long way; we met at military academy. That’s right, we were academy sweethearts!”

“I see.” Cassandra says.

“How about you, Cassandra?” Adelaide asks. “Not got a man?”

“I don’t want one.” Cassandra says.

There’s a few moments of silence, and then the truck comes to a stop and the noise of soldiers milling around fades into hearing; they’ve arrived at the battlefield.

“We’re here.” Mulligan announces. “We’d best report to Jess and get ready to roll.”

Mulligan and Howard hop out of the truck, followed by Cassandra. She reaches over and pats Mulligan on the shoulder. Mulligan nods at Howard, who heads off, and then he turns to his dear friend.

“What’s up, Cass?”

“I… are we bad people for fighting for Orange Star? I won’t deny that I’ve felt a little like a fraud since I came back.” she murmurs.

Mulligan smiles. “This is our second chance, Cassandra. It doesn’t matter whether we feel like frauds or not; what matters is that we’re here, fighting for the country we call our home.”

“...Of course. Thanks, Mull.”

“Anytime. Now let’s get going, shall we?”

In the truck, Adelaide turns to Sebastian, and her smiling face transforms into a dark grimace.

“Alright, I’m going to let you fight in this battle now. But you know the rule, don’t you?”

“...No talking to other girls on the battlefield.” mutters Sebastian. Suddenly, Adelaide’s smile returns.

“Good, glad you’ve learned your lesson! I’ll see you later, Seb.”

Sebastian watches her go, and then sighs to himself.