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Part 98: Interview 50 - “Credits"

Interview 50 - “Credits"

Alright, ladies and gents. It's been a long road, but we're finally at the end of the LP. Before we get all morose about it being over though, we do have the credits, campaign score and soldier credits. So, let's get started! First, the campaign.

Most of the Orange Star battles were cake, though I guess it was the tutorial. Nice tutorial, though, bit more succinct than AW1.

And to be fair, the maps may have been simple, but they weren't bad, per se. It was a pretty nice introduction to the 3 COs once again, plus their new CO Powers and SCOPs.

Judging by the day numbers for these missions, wow, most of these maps were shorter than I remember them being.

Then again, some of the later maps are only longer because you don't get any predeployed units. Predeployed units really speed a map up, I prefer them - though some bases never go amiss.

Hm. This mission's spelt wrong. Should be "Dipshit's Time".

3 days? Wow, I do not remember how or why that was the case, but well done, past me.

This was the lab mission, if I recall. I really enjoyed the lab missions, honestly. Finding them and then beating the subsequent mission was pretty fun throughout, and, well, Neotanks as a reward was pretty awesome.

...Though not that useful on most occasions.

I am enjoyed all of these S ranks, though. I don't remember how well I did in future countries, but it wasn't a perfect record like Orange Star.

Oh, I really enjoyed Toy Box. A chaotic, silly map and a fun fight with Lash. Probably one of my favourites of Blue Moon.

Though, thinking about it...

I actually like a lot of the Blue Moon maps. I'd say they have the best maps overall, they're pretty much all good. I can't think of any duds, per se.

Plus, they're arguably the only side with two really good COs - Colin and Grit. Sami/Max arguably for OS, and Kanbei/Sensei arguably for YC, and Jess/Eagle arguably for GE, but Grit and Colin have no arguably about them. They're just really good at what they do.

I actually enjoyed this map. I know. I enjoyed a Fog of War map, but man, this is how you do a Fog of War map RIGHT.

Also a good map! See, Blue Moon's got plenty of decent maps. The only map that's 'meh' to my knowledge is the factory mission.


Yeah, this one. It was pretty tough, and not super fun? But like, it was alright, and it wasn't unnecessarily huge like some of the other factory missions.

Ah, Sensei. Gotta love him. I certainly enjoyed his unique playstyle, even if it was a bit of a nightmare in terms of character creation...

Contender for the most fun map in the game, this. Not the best, but man, stomping on everything with Rose + missile silos was just so cathartic.

Fuck you.

Ah yes, the map where Rin almost died. This one was tough, but fair.

All predeployed Kanbei maps are good maps. 'Nuff said.

This was a good map, too, just slamming Lash into pieces with indirects. I wish Grit had a map like this - Tanks!!! is a taste of it, but it's over too quickly to properly enjoy.

Yellow Comet's maps were good too - I mean, they're the only country that didn't lose any soldiers, so obviously I was doing something right when I was playing these maps.

And a huge sea battle to round it off with. This was probably my least favourite factory map - it wasn't bad, but it was so easy to sneak a battleship in for a quick kill, and Adder's deployments barely matter since the factory front is so far away from the action. I wish it had been a bit harder, honestly.

Jess! Jess is fun. Strong artilleries and medium tanks... you know how I feel about them.

Eagle is fun! Fog of War is not. This map was mixed.

I did actually kind of enjoy this one, though.

And this one annoyed me for a bit, until I got that excellent deathless run. It was pretty fun to figure out how best to approach the sea fortress - I'd love to see more puzzle maps like this.

Narratively, To The Rescue is fun, but in practise, wow, I absolutely decimated this map on my successful run. Bombers, man. Bombers.

The volcano was cool too. Not quite as exciting as I was hoping, but still a fun map nonetheless.


Ah, now this. This was fun; definitely a tough and stressful map, but it makes good use of all 3 COs, and I think it's the best factory mission of the lot. I'm glad they weren't all that hard, though... this one took more than a couple of attempts.

Sturm 1 was... really underwhelming. But Sturm 2...

Very tough, and a great map to end the game on. I kinda wish it wasn't just a sneak-a-bomber-in-and-kill kinda map, but it was still fun to face Sturm at his full power again. I do prefer Final Battle though. Now that was a fucking map.

Oh, and now the credits have begun. But these are the regular credits... we want the Let's Play credits.

No video, unfortunately, but please enjoy some fitting music as we enjoy the end of the LP. Like a fine wine, we can savour those last few drops before we all get on with our lives. (Yes, I know this is the AW1 credits music. I prefer it to AW2's credits music.)


And there we have it. Couple of fun numbers for you: total number of screenshots this time around was 5726, a lot less than AW1. Though I did start screenshotting more efficiently, which might be it.

Top 3 parts with the most screenshots:

Interview 2 - 208
Interview 1 - 207
Interview 5 - 194

Top 3 parts with the fewest screenshots (discounting the written updates):

Interview 17 - 42
Interview 14 - 71
Interview 35 - 77

And, well, I think that's everything I got. As I said, I'm taking an extended break this time around so I don't know when I'll next be doing an LP. Obviously I'll probably do Advance Wars: Dual Strike next, but like, probably in a year or so. I'll comment here if and when that starts up, so watch this space. Otherwise, thank you so much for joining me on this escapade. I've really enjoyed my time with these two games and all of you guys, and I'm so thankful for all the support.

It's been a pleasure. cosmicPostman, signing off for now.

Edit: Forgot campaign rank, sorry!

Alright, NOW we're done.