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by Seraphroy

Part 12: Botes.

Last time we secured the bunker, killed the Beast in cold blood, had Will say awesome lines, and laid the smackdown on the Mayor. How can we get any better than that?

: No, sir. Nobody's here either.

: I see. We'll just have to keep looking.

: How long will it be before we see another blue sky?
Ah... It's been about a year since last mission. We're still searching for survivors. Good to see things have changed.

: Don't give up hope. The sun will find a way to break through again. However, I think it's time to increase our search radius, even if we have to leave the shelter. What's our supply situation, Lin?

: We have enough for another three months. But more and more refugees have been coming to the shelter.

: We'll figure something out. We're not turning anyone away. Will, what's the current status of the civilian population?

: Everyone seems to be getting by, and they're all helping each other. But, then again, they don't know just how low our food supplies are...

: They sit around all day waiting for us to feed them and keep them safe. If they knew about the supply situation, they would likely turn on the newcomers... The situation isn't good. I worry it could deteriorate to infighting at any time.
Dammit, should have killed him when we had the chance.

: I won't let that happen! We'll just find a new place to live! We can't resort to fighting our own people.

: I'm worried that Will is pushing himself too hard. I know he wants to help, but he puts a lot of pressure on himself.

: He still sees himself as a civilian, not a soldier. That's why he's worried that the other civilians might become a burden to us.

: He doesn't make things easy for himself.

: No, he doesn't.

: They say there is a war raging in the north.

: War? The world is in ruins. There's no one left to start a war.

: Regardless, there are rumors that the survivors have been banding together. And that someone has dragged them into a full-scale war. However, it's only a rumor.

: Captain!

: What is it, Will?

: I can't be sure, but it looks like some Rubinelle Army survivors are under attack!

: C-Captain Brenner! HELP! They're attacking us!

: Davis?! Is that you?

: You know him, Captain?

: I do. Davis used to be under my command.

: The Lazurians are all over us! We need support now, Captain!

: Why do the Lazurians have to keep throwing fuel on this damn war?

: Please, Captain! Take 'em out before it's too late! We're gettin' torn up!

: Hang tight, Davis. We're on our way!


Yes, thanks Olaf. We have botes... er... boats. A couple boats. Lin takes command of the boats today.

So do the Lazurians.
: This would be no match for Olaf's Armada!

Thanks... thanks again Olaf. Get back to being inept in your own game, please. Unfortunately, Davis here can't withstand even that tiny fleet, what with his tank, mech, and lander he never uses to actually move his units to my base. Of course, boats means new units, but I'm going to let the game take care of two of them. Beginning with a new unit in Days of Ruin:

: They carry only enough missiles to fire one full salvo, so use it wisely. They can also transport one infantry or mech unit.

: ... ... ... ...

: Are you OK, sir?

: What, me? Oh yeah, sure. No worries.

: ...Maybe I need a new hobby. Like...knitting.

: Don't say that!

Poor Lin, she's being relegated to fighting naval battles, not gathering intelligence, and spying on Will and Isabella. Next, the lander:

: Can you tell me more about this unit?

: Right. Uh...could you give me a little more information? Sir?

: But I think I'll let Isabella talk now. Over to you, Isabella.

: You can load up two ground units onto a lander. Run the lander onto a beach to unload or pick up units.
Useful knowledge to have. There's a third ship out there on the Lazurian side, the Cruiser.

The cruiser is your run of the mill direct fire ship. In previous games, it couldn't attack other ships, but suddenly captains everywhere decided that firing on other vessels is a good idea. So now they can attack ships while also annihilating planes and copters. Kinda useful to have.

Gunboats pack a punch. And like Isabella said, they pack a SINGLE punch. They have no armor though, so don't leave them stranded after they fire.

Two gunboats combine strength to take out the Lazurian forward unit. I also load up the rockets and MD tank into the lander, to be transported south.

The Rig, meanwhile, sets up a temporary port. These can only be placed on a beach, and function like temporary airports. They can repair and resupply, but can't build. The rig being placed there will also resupply the gunboat at the start of next turn.

The lander moves south, dropping off the Md tank and rockets. The rockets will be able to cover the small passage of water should the cruiser decide to advance. The mech and light tank roll into the second lander.

Last bit of movement, the gunboat gets in position to help cover the choke, and the infantry gets in position to jump into a lander.

: No offense, but my priority right now is gettin' outta here in one piece...

Letting me take over would be giving command of your guys to me, Davis. Will you even be useful? (no he won't.) Davis begins capturing the upper city with his infantry, and does nothing else.

: Come on, Lazurians! Let's wipe 'em off the map!

Tasha moves towards us, and begins building a T.Port of her own. She did leave her cruiser in range of our rockets, though. Not a smart choice.

Rockets and gunboat attack the cruiser, the gunboat getting the kill.

General movement. The rig finishes the T.Port on the northern island, the Md Tank moves up and holds the land chokepoint, and our second lander sails up and drops off some reinforcements.

I pull a lander back to grab the remaining infantry, and leave a gunboat in range of one of Tasha's. It may not have worked last map, but dammit I won't stop trying.

It didn't work. Tasha opted to drop off a mech on Davis' island, and moved that gunboat from last image southward. She also finished her T.Port. Davis, meanwhile, finished capturing the city. Thanks Davis.

Lander moves over to pick up the Rig next turn.

Rocket moves to help cover the choke, mech begins capturing, gunboats tentatively move forward, wary of Tasha's own gunboat.

Davis tries to be useful. he attacks the mech with his infantry, but then proceeds to NOT finish it with his tank. Sigh...

Tasha shows him the error of his ways by attacking the tank with her mech, almost killing the mech in the process. Davis should be able to finish the job, right?

Rig and infantry meet up with the army. Other lander floats about like an idiot.

Rocket attacks artillery, more or less nullifying THAT threat.

In hindsight, not a great plan. This'll make the recon retreat, leaving the Md tank open to an attack by Tasha's own Md Tank. Oh well, nothing to do about it.

And the damaged gunboat goes to heal. Not a bad turn, I'd say.

Guys! Davis was USEFUL! Holy shit! He killed the mech. In more important news, our Md Tank got attacked by Tasha, and the artillery moved up to cover and maybe attack something in range for 1 HP.

To start though, I get our gunboats to take on Tasha's, leaving them both crippled and ammoless. A great tradeoff for our own ammo count and slight damage.

Rockets damage the Md Tank, our own MD finishes the job. Our final gunboat moves up to take out one of the enemy gunboats next turn. Unseen, our light tank rolls into where the enemy Md Tank used to be and attacks the enemy rig.

Day 6, and the enemy artillery attacked our Md Tank, dealing 1 HP in damage. Tasha also happily joined the gunboats together. I see a plan here to finish this turn. Can you spot it?

First, rocket takes out the recon.

Then Md Tank takes out the artillery.

Light tank takes out the rig...

And gunboat takes out the gunboat. Mission over.

Wait, who the hell are you?

: What? Why?! Call in reinforcements, Gage! I want to keep fighting!

And who the hell is HE?

: But...WHY?! Look at them! Those Rubinelle forces are lame ducks!

: Tasha? It was a direct order.

: Dammit!

: Calm down. There's no place for emotion on the battlefield. Stay cool, follow orders, and eliminate the enemy. That is all we have to do.

: Gya! I'll get revenge on all those Rubes! I swear it!

: That was a success.

Indeed, Lin. No losses here!

You WERE goners, Davis. You can't command for shit.

: Good to see you alive, Davis. What have you been up to?

: Me? Aw, I'm commanding a force for Admiral Greyfield. I've been looking all over for you, Captain Brenner! Look, I'll come straight out and say it...we want you and your men to join us.

: Explain.

: A huge war's broken out between Rubinelle and Lazuria. Greyfield took command and formed the New Rubinelle Army so we could take it to 'em!
Ah, wonderful. A war between Red and Blue. By now you may have noticed we have "ruby" basically in our name. Lazuria effectively has Lazuli, or lapis lazuli, in theirs. I'll give IntSys credit, it's more subtle than previous Advance Wars. But it's still red versus blue.

: This world is a slag heap. What could you possibly be fighting over?

They started it!!! Seriously Davis, you're acting like a six year old. Remember the LAST six year old we met? Do you really want to be her?

: So now we gotta wipe 'em out! And the Lazurians are led by the legendary General Forsythe. They rallied behind him and hit us but good! Truth be told, we took some lumps...

: Continue.

: Look, we...we have tons of supplies! Food, fuel, weapons...everything! Join us, and you won't ever have to worry about shortages. They can all live easy!

: "They"? Who are you talking about?

: But you have to be running low on food and supplies, yeah? C'mon! Join us!

: Our situation is none of Greyfield's concern.

: Look, man... Er, Captain. We need you just as much as you need us, and that's no lie. But we're both Rubinelle through and through! Not even doomsday can change that. Join us, Captain Brenner!
Do we HAVE to?

Next time!
We get conscripted.