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Part 14: Bonus Tactics Rooms 7-12

With another half dozen missions done, let's go through the tactics I skipped in favour of running around half blind and shooting things, shall we?

: Welcome back to the war room. Today, we have a...special guest.

: Oh ho ho! At last, it's my chance to share some pearls of wisdom with you! But first, let me entertain you with some of my trademark wit!

: That's not necessary. Can we just hear your tactical analysis?

: So! A priest, a Lazurian, and a chicken walk into... Wait, that's not it. Oh! Right! A chicken and a Lazurian are crossing the road--

: Fine. I'll do it myself.

: Keep other units nearby to defend them from ground-based attacks. Once you're settled, head for the enemy HQ, taking cities as you go. That rocket could be trouble. Use multiple units to take it out.

: Oh ho! Now I remember! It wasn't a chicken at all! It was a pony!

: Dr. Morris? We will pursue the issue of the pony another time. Understood?

: Honestly! Where is your sense of humor?

: Thanks for listening, everyone. Come back again if you need more tips.

Lin's last line makes up for the somewhat lackluster tactics room for this mission. Mind you, the tactic for this mission was "shoot planes with anti air things, win mission." Not that hard.

: You know, Will, you should be grateful that I'm such a nice instructor.

: Oh?

: Mmm-hmmm. When I was in the Rubinelle military academy, I had very strict instructors. If you missed a question, they'd have you doing push-ups and running laps. You're practically on vacation in comparison.

: Wow. Well...thanks for being so nice.

: Not nice screaming, either. Nasty stuff. Things you're far too young to hear.

: Ok, now I'm scared.

: Don't go storming across that bridge. Let the enemy come to you. Build some indirect-attack units to weaken them as they approach. Use transport copters to move soldiers into distant cities and factories. Then focus on producing additional tanks and indirect-attack units. Once your force is ready, move east as a group and engage the enemy.

: Understood!

: Uh...OK? Ow ow ow...F-f-f-foooourrrr...

: Will? You can stop. I was kidding.

: ...Huh? Oh! Oh yeah, I... I knew that.

Will won't catch a break from Lin, either here or when he tries to have a personal moment with Isabella. Poor guy.

: Come on, Will! This one's a cakewalk! You shouldn't need my help! I'm disappointed in you.

: C-Captain Brenner? Sir! I'm sorry, sir! I spoke out of turn. I just wanted to encourage Will, sir! There are no easy battles, sir! Not even the easy ones! ...Sorry, sir.

: Hey! You never apologize to me!

: Stuff it, soldier!

: Yes. At any rate, this stage lacks factories. Guard your infantry units carefully, or you won't be able to capture cities. Use fighters and dusters to strike the enemy early and often. And strike his anti-air and missile units as soon as you can. Bombers work well for this purpose, especially against missiles.

: That's solid strategy, Lin.

: Thank you, Captain. My pleasure.

: She never tells me it's her pleasure.

: Stop that grumbling, soldier! I hope my tips help you win the day, sir.

See: Will still not catching a break, but Lin also gets caught off guard.

: ...Iiiiiiit's Lin...

: ...Aaaaaaand Isabella...

: ...With today's...

: ...Tactical Tip Show!

: Anyway, on with the strategy.

: First, have your frontline units fall back immediately. Strong units can build a defensive line near the central mountains. Oh, and keep an eye out for enemy aerial attacks. Use planes and anti-air units to keep them busy.

: Capture the airport and factory, then build indirect-attack units and tanks. Once you have a good-sized force, strike for the east. And don't worry about the war tanks, your bombers can take care of them.

: See you next time on...

: The Taaaaactical Tiiiiip Shooooow!

Not the best, but again, they can't ALL be winners.

: Welcome to the Tactical Tip Show. We have a special guest today...

: Ummm...yeah. Hi. I'm...I'm Davis. I work for Admiral Greyfield. ...And I'm not that special. I'm actually just a guy. See, my boss--

: OK, too much info. Let's talk strategy, all right?

: Uh... Look, I thought... I mean, I was just... I thought you were here to help! You know, with my problems? Yeah, 'cause I've kinda been thinking about a lot of stuff, and I hoped someone would--

: Hey, look, I'm... You could at least pretend to care... See, my boss keeps losing his temper and yelling at me and calling me a big--

: Yes, yes. Terribly sad. Now on to tactics!

: A gunboat-and-rocket combo will work wonders on enemy cruisers. Your gunboats have only one shot, so you'll need to resupply them. Use the rig to build a temporary port on the nearby beach. At the same time, move troops to the central peninsula with landers.

: That's it for today. Thanks for coming.

: Um... Look, can I... Can we talk now? I really need someone to listen to me.

: B-but, I thought... I thought you cared.

: Thanks for the David? Damon? What was your name again?

Possibly my favourite tactics session of this batch. Lin continues stealing spotlights in these, I feel. Unfortunate a good chunk of her character shows up in these, since many skip by them.

: Welcome back to the Tactical Tip Show. Today we have another special guest...

: She's going to give s a fascinating lecture on how to strip and clean a field rifle.

: Actually, I want you to teach me how to cook. ...I just made that other stuff up so you'd invite me here.

: Oh. Well..all right. Sure. Change of plans. We'll talk about cooking. It's not tactics, but cooking is still important. A well-fed unit has high morale, after all.

: Yay! OK, I'm taking notes.

: Let's see... Cooking... Well, to master the art of battlefield cuisine, you need to use whatever is at hand. ...Oh look! A rat! That's great.

: Rat...stew?

: Yes. Rats are an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

: Um...OK. Well, I guess I'll try to... Ew! Please don't give that to me!

: Now, while our rat is simmering, let's discuss the upcoming battle.

: Subs should dive and focus on torpedoing enemy battleships. And your battleship should focus on enemy cruisers or battleships. Lastly, your cruisers should hit the enemy subs. Battle copters can be very helpful, but keep them away from cruisers!

: Aaaaaand, that's it for now. ...Is something burning?

What fighters, Lin? I have a duster. A single duster. Kind of a difference there.

: Um...maybe?

: Well, it's not bad for a first attempt. Who's for rat stew?

: Oh! I'm... I'm really full. But maybe next time you could teach me other dishes?

: Which should we try next?

: ... Can I get back to you later?

: Well, that's enough adventure for today.

Sounds delicious. I don't see how the troops wouldn't love rat. Just call it mystery meat.

That's all for this batch, the next ones will probably come out after Mission 19.