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Part 29: Bonus Chapter 6 Redux: War (Tank), Huh, What is it Good For? (Absolutely nothing!)

This is it. The final battle. We've gone through so much. Nothing stands in our way now. There can't be. Nothing at all. We've done everything I set out to do in this LP.


: Turok.

: That's right, the meteors... what did you just say?

: Turok, dinosaur hunter. There's a series of games based on true events about him.

: I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are.

: I mean, I guess a meteor could have killed Turok after he was done killing all the dinosaurs...

: I'm sure you had some reason of asking such a question to Will, other than killing your brain cells?

: Hey!

: Yes, of course! Something about ash clouds, killing all life, but we humans are smart. We have a crop factory nearby.

: You mean food forever?

: Assuming nobody destroyed it. But only a morally corrupt individual would dare even think of doing such a thing!

: Good thing people like that don't exist, right guys?


: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

: Heh.

: There are some guys... They have guns.

: Any more notable intel you can give me?

: Nope. No army insignias, so I'm out of ideas.

: "Master of reconnaisance", huh? Let's just kill them.

So, here we are again. If you want the unabridged version of the intro, go read the first time I did this mission. I'm here again because, despite saying at the start of the LP I wouldn't worry about all S ranks, it kinda turned into that unintentionally. Except for this mission.

In any case, Day 1 starts out as Day 1 does, and capturing begins.

Checking enemy ranges.

And moving units forward.

: Absolutely, child! Just, when you kill them, make sure they speak into this microphone. It's for... science. Yes... science...

Penny has moved forward, but thanks to planning, nothing has been hit yet.

We finish capturing everything close by.

Our tanks team up in the north to kill hers off.

And acquisition prevention begins.

I opt to send the artillery south. The other tank is there, so it only makes sense.

Penny then decides to send her tank north. oh well.

First tank attacks.

And the second one kills.

Bike heads north and starts capturing the neutral city.

Infantry damages this bike some more.

And the recon continues harassing the infantry capturing while my south units move up a little.

Looking good so far. Still haven't bought anything.

: Penny, dear, is there a reason you ordered your mech around before the bike?

: Tee hee! Mr. Bear said to!

: Fascinating... Of course, your mech is now being attacked from afar...

And there goes the mech.

This mech is getting close to our territory. I don't like that.

One tank heads south to deal with the bike.

While the other does heavy damage to that mech.

And the recon scores a kill, preventing Penny from having this city to heal on.

I move the infantry forward to lure the recon, since I know that the enemies spawn on that side. I'd rather not lose anything chasing that recon to the right side.


The bike's done capturing, which is great.

This south recon gets hammered by the tank in the south.

I pull the infantry back and move the southern mech forward to help cover its retreat.

As for the north recon...

It gets hit as well.

We're in a good spot to deal with Penny's reinforcements.

: Penny, dear. I worry about your strategy. You couldn't even hurt that artillery. Why did you attack it?

: Indirects are scary!

One recon down.

Two recons down.

: You know, your strategy was flawed, right?

: Daddy! I want more toys!

: Well, since you asked so nicely, have a war tank. Only the best for my little girl.

: From what I can gather, it's big.

: Thanks, Lin.

: And has a bunch of huge cannons.

: Thanks... thanks again Lin.

: It's armor looks tough too. I would advise retreat, Captain.

: Sounds like a good idea. All units! Fall back!

Well, we're in a better spot than last time. That's something.

Still, everything starts pulling back to the left edge.

Will: What is it?

: Antitanks.


: Antitanks.

: I don't understand what you're talking about, Isabella. Oh hey! We can build this strange thing now. I think I'll call it the direct-indirect attacker.

: ...

And now we have all we need to win the mission.

Still running, though the tank and artillery in the south will hold the line against one Md tank.

Penny moves the Md tank in range of the antitank, and the south one takes the bait.

One shot from the artillery.

And a quick poke from the mech.

South Md tank is almost dead. For the north...

Just as much damage from the antitank as two units pulled off in the south. Not bad at all.

: Penny. You wasted one of my new toys by attacking that antitank directly.


: Oh dear, I may have to run some more tests on you.

A pointless second antitank is built, and the first heads after the war tank. The artillery attacks the war tank and everything else continues to flee.

: Penny. You appear to be malfunctioning. You suicided another Md tank on that antitank. Hand over control of the units to me.

: No! Mr. Bear can handle this!

: I very highly doubt that.

Thanks Penny, for attacking my antitank at every opportunity.

: Thanks, Direct-indirect attacker!

: It's an antitank, Will.

Now there's a sight for sore eyes. Power still gets knocked down badly this mission, since t here really isn't an effective way to kill that war tank.

: It appears someone broke the factory.

: Evil people exist? I can't believe that! Damn that Beast!

: I was looking forward to not having to eat this canned bread anymore. Oh well, roll out.

And that's that. By the time I'm done with the final mission, all story maps will be S-ranked.

Next time!

Nest smashing!