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Part 32: Trial Map 1: Coast Assault (T17)

Today, we're taking a reprieve from the missions, having seen Greyfield's insanity. Instead, we go to have a fake war.

Suddenly, I feel like I'm playing Dual Strike's opening text dump. Trial maps serve only to be bragging rights, as some are genuinely hard. Beating trial maps often unlocks more trial maps. If nothing else, they're a fun time sink, and served me well the first time going through when I got frustrated on campaign maps.

: Lives are irrelevant here, this isn't CANON

Welcome to Coast Assault. This map is, simply put, stupid. We have air superiority, only one unit on the enemy side can hit them, AND we have a battleship.

I don't know what IntSys was thinking with this one.

To begin, I clear up some space on my T. Port coast. I need the space for the Battleship, as the Anti-Air is the clear threat here.

Still clearing space. Maybe I'll send them over.

There we go. AA threat, more or less neutralized.

Bomber takes out one of the Artillery to clear a path to the rockets.

Other bomber does the same thing on the other side.

Duster picks off a chunk of HP from one of the rockets, and I drop of an Md Tank on the coast. This is where I end my turn, can you see one mistake I made?

Regular tank was completely left in range of the full health rocket. Derp. War tank also doesn't like me landing there, and neither does the Mech. One the plus side, the AA suicided to deal 2 HP damage to the bomber. This means little in the long run.

Starting out, the battleship softens up the tank.

Which the Md tank then kills, opening up room for the bomber to go all out on the rockets.

On the other side, Bomber and Duster combine to take out the other rockets. I was hoping to not have to use the duster here, but eh.

And suicide mission is go. These Md tanks just got left for dead.

Yeesh. That went poorly. Two of my three Md tanks are gone, the third is in a bad place.

Battleship strikes the artillery, bomber blows up a Md tank and grabs veteran status.

Duster snags a kill from a weakened mech, Md tank does one last duty and kills the artillery. Other bomber cripples the War Tank.

Lander drops off that poor infantry. Sorry dude, you're screwed.

Ouch. Final Md tank dead, infantry dead... Good thing they have no defence against my bombers.

Battleship opens the day with a blast on the Md Tank.

Duster flies over and kills another mech, gaining veteran. I'm shocked I could get a duster that high.

Veteran bomber takes out the Md Tank, other bomber kills the regular tank.

Another infantry drop. This time in safety.

Day 5, and two things have happened. Bomber took out one of the mechs, and the infantry shot out the rockets.

Battleship finishes off that War Tank.

And other bomber kills off the final mech unit.

Despite the sloppiness, my score came out just fine. Not bad at all. Let's see what new maps we unlocked by beating this trial map!


Next Time!

Inclimate weather! CO powers! Waylon's STILL a douche!