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by Seraphroy

Part 33: Trial Map 2: It's a Kitty! (Feline Basin, T3)

Well now, after that last mission, I could use a break. Today, I tackle another trial map.

I just can't understand why they named it that way...

We actually have a CO in this one. We never get to choose the CO for these, as some would just break the map, and one in particular would just break EVERY map.
The Co is Will. Have some music.

So, there is a southern path on this map, but it's stupid. Noone would use that part of the map. There's nothing down there. The HQ's are so close to each other. The north is only notable for having the only cities on the map.

Day 1.png

Our foe of the day is Lin, because it's not canon, so our ragtag battalion can definitely duke it out.

Bikes go north, and I make a recon. The placement of this recon is important.

Lin is more than content to spam out as many infantry as she can.

Bikes do their thing in the north.

Now, placing the recon in the middle was important, because it can run straight to the enemy HQ from here.

But that's just silly.

I mean, I could instead drop Will into a recon and run straight to Lin's HQ to one shot an infantry.

But who would do such a thing?

Then again, I could also have an enemy send infantry charging forward towards the one shot horror.

It's all about perspective, you see. (I have more funds now)

My perspective now is Lin will likely want to just kill that recon, so I hold off on buying anything.

I was wrong, but she could have attacked with her recon.

Moot point now, since it'll be half dead.

Still, it takes off one HP off my recon. And capturing continues.

I see how effective recons are right now, so the more the merrier. Also a tank.

The bike lived and retreated. These infantry of Lin's?

...Not so much.

Oh, Will's zone increased. Awesome.

Tanks are not recons. They can't reach the HQ. They can only fire into it.

Good to know. An artillery is also made.

I really don't know why Lin attacked the bike up top that finished capturing.

Since now she's without a unit up there, and spoilers: She won't send another up.

Meanwhile, another infantry dies.

As does a recon.

Mech takes a hard hit as well.

Then Will get's his CO power charged up.

The unstoppable Bike Army! (note: Completely stoppable)

Artillery seems to be the magnet of this game, much like the APC was in the original.

But that was just a magnet to death.

CO power, Activate!

It's terrifying to think a bike now has 7 range.

Artillery and tank blow up Lin's tank, and the 3 HP recon on her HQ retreats to kill this guy.

And this infantry gets hit.

Everything else moves up. Another tank made. Capturing up north.

Thanks to the CO Power boosting defence, the tank that's overextended actually lived.

Capturing the HQ! Also, artillery hit the west mech.

The state of things.

West mech suicides, Lin apparently fears sending anything into the meat grinder.

Getting this out of the way now...

Joining the two weak bikes together.

Then everything moves up a touch. Only the tank attacked the other tank. Will is just body blocking.

Well, we've already won now. Let's have a bit of fun.

But I'd like to remind everyone,

What we're doing here, killing these units?

This isn't a simulator. The last trial had a guy go "Let's begin military training exercises here!"

Just, you know, food for thought.

I could have bumrushed the HQ, but where's the fun in that?

To the victor, one more trial map unlocked. Damn, was hoping for more than one unlock.