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Part 101: Origins of Units Part 1: Ground

Hokay, here's a list of units to the best of my knowledge:
Have some spritesheets first. It should be obvious who's who.

Orange star infantry are based on american infantry, wearing the M1 helmet that was in use from 1941 to 1985. Mech infantry are armed with M20 Super bazooka's
Blue moon infantry are based off soviet soldiers, and wear pilotkas. Mech infantry use the RPG-7.
Green earth are wearing german ww2 gear, complete with stahlhelm. Mech infantry are armed with Panzerfaust.
Yellow comet troops are based off WW2 japanese soldiers, and also use bazookas, although from the looks of them they're the earlier m1 model.

Orange star recons are Humvee's, and blue moon use the GAZ-67.
Green earth recons appear to be the Schützenpanzer Lang HS.30.
Yellow comet recons aren't a copy of anything, but they resemble the soviet BA-20/BA-64 Armored car in the turret layour.


Orange star APC's are the M113 APC, while blue moon APC's appear to be a british design this time, the FV432, They look very similar but the tracks differ.
Green earth and yellow comet I'm not sure about, the yellow comet APC looks a lot like a soviet WW2-era artillery tractor though.

The turrent and look of the hull front give the orange star artillery away as the M109 paladin, while the blue moon artillery looks very similar to the ww2 german Hummel (Bumblebee in german), due to the recoil system on the gun.
Green earth and yellow comet don't look like anything once again.

These are much easier, the orange star tank was apparently meant to look like the ww2 sherman, but it looks more like the british FV101 scorpion.
Blue moon is the t34 going by the tracks, external fuel tanks and hatch design.
The green earth light tank is a tank destroyer/assault gun, this one appears to be the german Kanonenjagdpanzer.
The yellow comet light tank looks like the french Renaut FT-17, but it's more likely the japanese Type 89 I-Go

Orange star are using the M247 Sergeant york, a dismal failure that never saw service.
Blue moon appear to be using the much more successful ZSU-57-2
Green earth I'm not sure about, the chassis looks like a german panzer IV, which had several different anti air versions produced from it. A site I found suggested the Kugelblitz.
Yellow comet I don't know once again, someone sugested the type 98 20mm SPAA but I couldn't actually find a picture of it. The Type 98 was a widely used single-barreled 20mm AA gun and there was a version mounted on a halftrack so who knows.

The missile launchers all appear to have been made up from scratch, couldn't find anything really similar sorry.

Orange star's rocket launcher is a M270 MLRS with wheels.
Blue moon appear to be using the BM-21 Grad
Green earth I'm not sure about, could just be a truck with some Wurfrahmen strapped to the sides.
Yellow comet looks to be a japanese type 97 truck with some rockets on the back.

Medium tanks
Despite being called mediums they are much more like contemporary heavy tanks, particularly their tendency to be outpaced by the rest of the army.
Orange star are using the M1 Abrams, going by the shaping of the turret
the advance wars wiki claims that the blue moon medium has the turret shape of the T54/55, but they're wrong this time. The shape of the hull, and the fact that the tracks have return rollers are a dead giveaway that it's a russian IS-3 heavy tank.
Green earth once again are using an assault gun, it's got tracks that are similiar in design to the british Mark 1 tank, while the rest of the hull looks like the Sturmtiger
Yellow comet appear to be using the Kliment Voroshilov tank, specifically the KV-2 model with it's enourmous turret.

That's enough for the moment I think, I'll finish off with the air and land units in a minute, i'm all typed out sorry.