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Part 102: Origins of Units Part 2: Air

Okay, now for air units:


Orange star copters appear to be Chinook's, while blue moon are using british Piasecki H-21's. Green earth are using the chinook as well, but there's some slight differences which might be either artistic license or an actual variant. Yellow comet are using the Bell HSL, which is actually an ASW helicopter.


Orange star are using the apache and green earth are using the hind as stated before. Blue moon are probably using a british design this time, the Westland lynx, although the shape of the hull is quite common among civilian helicopter designs so it could just be an appropriation. Yellow comet are using american Bell 74 helicopters, These were really only used for scouting as they were really light. In vietnam they experimented with using helicopters for fire support and put two m60's on one, the recoil of which actually strained the engine too much for safe operation. The end of that story is the creation of the cobra gunship, and of dedicated attack helicopters in general.


Orange star and green earth are using the F-15 and A-10 as stated earlier. Blue moon jets look to be the french Mirage III jet. Yellow comet are using prop-driven aircraft in a battlefield dominated by jets, which is funny to me. It looks like a mish-mash of a couple of different planes, going by the japanese theme it could be the Mitsubishi zero with a more blocky canopy, but from how short and stubby it is I can't not see the Brewster buffalo.


Orange star bombers are B-52 Stratofortresses, with only 4 engines instead of 8 due to sprite limitations. Blue moon bombers have air intakes that are really reminiscent of the british Avro vulcan, which was a delta winged fighter-bomber as opposed to a winged heavy bomber. Green earth bombers I'm not sure about sorry, yellow comet bombers also appear to be mashups of the B-17 Flying fortress and the Mitsubishi G4M "Betty"