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Part 103: The Design Maps Glitch Part 1: Introduction

The Design Maps Glitch Part 1: Introduction

Stuck on a challenging Campaign map? Want to obliterate Olaf with a bunch of Bombers? Edit the very map itself? This glitch allows you to do that, and much more!

This training mission is the one that sets it up.

The key is ignoring this, feed that copter to the wolves! (Or in this case, the cruiser)

(It seemed appropriate)

I don't think this has been showed off yet, the letters even bounce, just like your GBA does when you hurl it across the room when you lose. (I don't do this)

Ignore the name "Baer", that's the name that the save file I grabbed had. Head into here.

Place an infantry and delete it...

This is it, and just look at how messed up the interface is. The game thinks that you're in a battle, but also in Design Maps at the same time!

Saving via the battle menu plops the save into Field Training, which has some interesting side effects. But let's take the fight to Olaf now with our new god powers!

The main menu's pretty messed up too...

Also the only time you'll see that "Continue" next to Field Training.

Starting the Campaign, and things are even messed up here! It continues off-center like this.

You said it, Olaf.

Pressing START on this screen resulted in this as I was trying to hurry it up.

Here we are in the main map, and the first thing I do as a basic way to show this off is to bury Olaf in bombers. It works the same way you do in Design Maps, just be careful not to accidentally push "End" or anything like that. If you do, well...

Olaf actually gets to take his turn!

Plopping a Bomber down while a Tank was attacking resulted in this: the Bomber got to counter the Tank's inaction!

Then Andy operates on AI control...

And then after that I got control again, a bit of a setback but nothing major. After editing the units/terrain to whatever you want, simply save and reset.

Go back in and things are normal again! Normal, except for whatever changes you made!

Two days later... (I didn't have quite enough Bombers to nuke him all in one day)

Still a perfect S-Rank, though. What else would you expect from a massive army of Bombers?

Going back to that Field Training save I made at the beginning we open it up to find...

Bombers can't even fly over these tiles! Pressing R on one of these tiles results in...

"Out"... I wonder if it's just a placeholder, or if a tile like this was going to be used somewhere... Going down, well...

This one's a bit different. Press R on it at all, and...

That, and a loud screeching noise!

But of course, that not all you can do with this. Let's just say it isn't called the Design Maps glitch for nothing!

Next time: We make maps of all different sizes