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Part 104: The Design Maps Glitch Part 2: Maps of all different sizes

Design Maps Glitch Part 2: Maps of all different sizes

Ask anyone who's played any three of the Wars World Advance Wars games about Design Maps and they'll tell you that there's only one size, 30x20. This is quite bad for AW1 in particular because there's no way to block spaces like pipes in AW2 and AWDS. Fortunately, the Design Maps glitch can fix this problem.

Mission 2, first time you... what (I edited it beforehand)

Much like you can edit buildings in the normal Design Maps, you can edit them in campaign maps, too. Kanbei (?) in particular shows off his excellent base acquisition skills and gets a landlocked port.

Only in the glitched Design Maps mode can you get units on top of each other, and yes, this can happen with enemy units.

Now, is Kanbei really here? Or is it...

...Nell, what are you doing here? And why can I attack you?

Maybe Eagle's decided to invade Blue Moon?

She isn't moving her forces, so let's capture her HQ to see what's going on-

Yes, we have 2 HQs now. But why stop at two?

Now we have three! But what does this have to do with designing maps?

While I was in the glitch mode, I saved the map in a Design Maps slot, and going back to it results in an editable 18x12 map! You can't do this normally until Days of Ruin, so this glitch can be quite handy!

Taking the glitch to VS to see what the default COs are there, it isn't as interesting as it was in Campaign.

Olaf for Yellow Comet...

And Sami for Green Earth. These are also default if you start a 4-player map normally.

One glitch later, I decide to put a larger than normal map in and save it. What happens afterwards?

Glitches abound! Even trying to select or press R on any of these freezes the game!

These in particular can't be attacked at all...

And these two never crash and burn, despite their lack of fuel. After ending my turn, I find out that Max has a normal Md. Tank. What does he do with it?

Typical AI...

Glitchtanks aren't very sturdy, but their main attribute is resetting the game when attacked. Not crashing, resetting. Why don't we attack one of those Recons on the sea?

It still gets damaged, but the tide sweeps them off the screen...

Oddly enough, the AI can attack my Glitchtillery near his HQ, and it actually plays an animation correct! Yeah, right, Md. Tanks aren't that weak.

The unit screen is even messed up!

I think I've covered just about everything you can do with this, I think the only thing that's left is to crack jokes about the Campaign with it. So I leave you with a shot of Olaf's Tank getting swept away.