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Part 105: The Design Maps Glitch Part 2.5: Random Glitch Units

Design Maps Glitch Part 2.5: Random Glitch Units

I experimented a bit more with my newfound ability to glitch large maps, and I think the results were pretty funny at times. I hope this doesn't make this page too image-heavy...

This is something I never thought was possible, until I stumbled into this. The turn order really does go like that ingame! Usable for a mock campaign, maybe?

Meet the Wockacopter, a copter that has massive amounts of ammo, CO meter and fuel, but can't do anything with them. How much CO meter?

The GIF actually doesn't show Olaf's original power meter , but his power meter was empty before launching this attack. Gotta love glitch units!

Hilariously enough, this behaves like an APC in every respect: it takes damage like one, has the move sprite of one, it resupplies... but it can't move. The armor doesn't even do anything!

This one is just plain invincible, how boring... (There's also one that's classified as an Md. Tank, but has no fuel or ammo. It's invincible too. How are they invincible? You can't attack them at all!)

This seems a bit unfair. Just a bit.

Unfortunately, this froze the game. The blue G-Copter (what, it's a glitch T-Copter) is that "infantry" from the previous image.

That's it for now, I'll poke around the game's map with this some more, but if I could get my hands on a save that has all the maps in the game unlocked, I'd be able to find more...