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Part 106: Japanese CO Comparisons

Finally caught up to to this thread.

In terms of CO changes you can't forget Nell's more modest design change making the skirt longer and changing her tank top for a jacket.

And for the comparison rundowns I'll just repost the link here:

I remember reading this somewhere that there were some reasons why some of the changes occurred on the COs for the localization. I'm likely to get some wrong since it's been a while but I'll list what I remember.

guess what this means? more words

-Kanbei was based off a character from Samurai Seven which would be lost to foreign audiences so they changed him.
-Sonja studied at 'Orange' Star Academy and wears her uniform from there which is why she wore 'Orange'. The theory going around for her changes was that she was designed to look more like a scout given her Enhanced Vision power.
-Grit's was more confusing to remember but his original name was Billy so that probably has something to do with his Cowboy hat. Given what little Japanese I know the letters seem to match up.
-Drake was probably changed because he didn't look like a leader, even his original pirate design looked like that of a crew member rather than the captain. I can gesture that Drake was designed to look like more of a Military Navy Officer since it seemed more appropriate with the way some of the other COs looked...
-For Olaf I just want to imagine someone didn't want to piss off anyone by saying that the Russia-esque Army was led by a Communist Santa and therefore someone getting the opinion that Santa is Communism.

Feel free to tell me where I'm wrong.

So I did a little more digging and found the website where I originally saw this information some time back. Check it out it's pretty interesting. Apparently Olaf was changed due to issues regarding religion.

Also I said "Samurai Seven". I meant to say "Seven Samurai", two completely different materials of the Japanese production. The former is an anime that I remember dropping at some point and the latter is a movie considered a classic which has been on my queue list for years.