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Part 24: Campaign Mission 10: Mighty Kanbei! as Andy

Mission 10: Mighty Kanbei! (or "Choked to death")

What shall we do, Sonja?

Introducing the brains behind Yellow Comet. Also a rather stuck-up individual, but hey, I guess that's what being a princess does to you:

I asked about the conditions, Father.
Well, I... Uhm...

C'mon, dude. At least Andy has the excuse that he's a pre-teen.

Oh, Father. This is so typical of you. Gathering thorough intel is the key to victory! What were you planning to do without even basic information?
Basic information... well, yes...
Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. I suppose I'll share my intel with you, Father.

"I mean, you are my ally and my superior officer and my dad, so I suppose I'll share it."

The enemy troops are deployed here. It doesn't appear to be a very large force.
Is that so? Then I'll just crush them with superior numbers!
Well, yes. You could do that. But first...
It is decided! This time Kanbei will be showered with glory!

This time Kanbei will be showered in artillery shells!

Wait! Wait! Father! You've got to remember to deploy in an area with secure bases. If the enemy seizes them before you arrive... Father? He's gone. Oh, Father. What are you trying to prove?

His army's cool, but I think the man himself needs some help. Anyway, yeah, thread picked Andy. Probably just as well, really.

As said before, this mission gave me serious trouble back in the day. But when you know what you're doing, it's easy and a lot of fun.

Where's the rest of the army?
I'm sorry, Andy. There was an error, and preparations weren't completed. But there are bases for deployment. You know how to use them, right?
Sure, I'm OK!

*sniff* They grow up so fast. In many ways this mission is a test of how good you've gotten at thinking strategically, kind of like Tank Ops and Dogfights in Field Training.

Well, then, there's no problem! I'm counting on you, Andy! You too, Paul!

Nell even kind of gives us an extra nudge that we've got to stand on our own two feet now.

My word, that certainly is a big scary army. And Kanbei's so powerful! How on earth are we going to take all that lot down, let alone in ten days?

*snrk* All right, all right, joke's over. Remember when we played Max Strikes! as Andy? Remember how badly the AI handled the chokepoints there? If that mission gave us a taste of what we can pull off with a decent chokepoint to work with, then this is the main course. Kanbei rushes all his units at us (the majority will be going to the eastern bridge, by the way. Not sure why, it's just what he did when I played through this), and then my rockets combined with the artillery that churn out from the bases'll take them down. My tank and medium tank will just hold position for most of the mission. They won't even fire at units in front of them for the first couple of turns - we'll see why shortly.

Okay, let's get started. First item on the agenda is attacking Kanbei's rocket launcher with my own one (as I said in the last post, we wouldn't be able to do this with Max. Just one of the reasons I vetoed him here).

Just look at those rockets. So adorable.

Focusing on the indirects turn one. It's like air superiority, only with long-ranged stuff.

Footsoldiers head towards those two neutral cities, and I build an artillery. My two tanks aren't moving, though. They're quite happy where they are, thanks.

Ending turn, and once again Kanbei has nothing to say. So let's take a quick look at the dialogue we'd have seen if we'd picked Max or Sami here:

Hey, Nell! What's with this small battalion? It's like you're asking me to lose!
I'm sorry, Max. There was an error, and preparations weren't completed. But there are bases for deployment, right there.
All right! I've got permission to request for my own units, right?
That's right. You can deploy any unit that you deem necessary. Do you remember the procedure?
: Hey! Don't treat me like a fool! Of course I remember!
Oh, Max! You're so fun to tease! I'm counting on you, Max! You too, Paul!

... yep. What about Sami?

There aren't many units here. But then, there must be some bases around here. Right, Nell?
Right as always, Sami! Nothing gets by you. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what to do, right?
No, I don't have any questions.
I'm counting on you, Sami! You too, Paul!

Kanbei's rocket launcher attacks mine... damage that'll get nicely healed up by the city next turn.

And he sends light tanks in to attack my chokepoint defenders.

Day 2

But this is the thing - by sending in his light tanks, he's blocking his medium tanks from getting to me. And he won't move them out of the way, oh no. So I can just sit here cheerfully shooting at his heavier stuff with rocket launchers while his damaged light tanks block up the chokepoints.

Rather like this.

While my eastern rocket launcher attacks a medium tank, my southern rocket launcher finishes off the 4HP artillery: it's arguably more of a threat than that full-health medium tank.

Footsoldiers start capturing, I build a second arty and move up my first one. Bit of a mistake here: would have been better if I'd put the artillery in the forest east of the rocket rather than on the road. Not only would I be able to hit more of Kanbei's units from there, but...

... I'd take less damage from these rockets. It's hardly going to stop us winning, but it's still a mini-blunder.

Kanbei keeps on attacking in the south. Can I hold out?

Day 3

Yeah, probably.

Okay, first up let's get this rocket launcher out of the way before it can do any more scratch damage.

And meanwhile my artillery keeps working on that medium tank.

In the south, my rocket attacks another medium tank - another mini-blunder, as it would have made more sense to attack the middie at the back (since my artillery can't reach it). Oh well.

Let's crank out some more arties.

Kanbei apparently likes his marmalade with orange shreds in it.

My tank guarding the southern chokepoint is on its last legs. But help is on the way.

Day 4

First of all it gets 2HP back from the city, and oh hey look at that we aren't far from filling up our power meter.

One more attack does the trick.

Right back at ya, Kanbei.

Okay, we're back to even stevens at that chokepoint. My medium tank also returns to full health, and my eastern arty gets back to 9HP.

Just as well - now it can finish off that 3HP medium tank.

Eastern rockets knocks another light tank down to 5HP.

And my southern rockets do what they should have done last turn and attack the rear medium tank.

There we go. Let's get the new arties into position, too. Now then: should I take a bit of a risk and actually attack with my medium tank?

Yeah, go on then. I have a hunch as to how the AI will respond to this.

And with that done, I build a fresh tank to help my 6HP tank deal with life at the chokepoint.

Just as well really, as it's still coming under quite heavy fire.

Day 5

Yeah, my hunch worked out: the AI sent its other 5HP tank to block up the eastern chokepoint. Nice going, Kanbei. In the south, he joined his two medium tanks and moved up another arty.

Joining those medium tanks isn't really going to save you if you leave them in rocket range, Kanbei.

We're getting a pretty good cluster of indirects going now.

And again, we've got enough control now to let our tanks see a bit of action.

That was the fresh tank rolling in and attacking to replace the damaged tank. You know, with Kanbei's southern force nearly gone now, we probably could build an APC and try going for an HQ capture. Maybe I'll try using Sami for that on one of the offscreen runs. As it is, though, I'm having far too much fun blowing stuff up with indirects.

Speaking of which, there goes Kanbei's northern artillery.

And we repeat the dose, killing the 5HP tank at the chokepoint and then knocking another tank down to 5HP. Will Kanbei make the same mistake again?

Maybe, but this is his 4HP medium tank trying to do something in the south. Not achieving much though.

Day 6

Yup, the 5HP tank waltzed up to the chokepoint and just sat there. Good job.

First let's clear out this final medium tank in the south.

With the southern chokepoint finished up, I can send my spare indirects over to the eastern chokepoint.

Where the shells keep on raining down.

We're getting a lot of attacks in per turn, now. Finishing off what's left should be pretty straightforward. You could say that Kanbei's been choked to death.

I'm even feeling daring enough to move my medium tank one square forward to attack (I know, right?)

Moving up another tank, and building some more tanks from the factories. Will they reach the front in time to help with cleanup? We'll see.

Whoop de do, Morale Boost.

Good work bashing your head against a brick wall there, Kanbei.

Day 7

Hmm. Can we finish it off this turn? Morale Boost might come back to bite me after all.

First let's go for the medium tank.

Shots from our newly arrived rocket launcher and artillery take care of that.

Unfortunately, I can't quite take down the 6HP tank in one shot. Morale Boost!

Oh well, not the end of the world. Hmm... two infantry to go. Can we do it?

Answer: "not quite". Maybe I should have built another rocket launcher instead of that medium tank.

Day 8

Oh well, still well within the 10-day limit.

Beyond your comprehension, perhaps.

Regardless of the odds, Kanbei should never lose this many units! Withdraw!

Haha, just short of a perfect score on speed. That extra day did cost something then, although it's something I'll live with. But still, I agree with Andy, that was fun (hundreds of soldiers dying in a pointless battle aside).

Ranking up to Gold Rat. I guess with the next rank-up I'll stop being a rat and move up to Grey Whatever (Ox, maybe... ? It's been a while).

All right, next mission we're back in the world of property capture battles, with the goal being to grab fifteen out of the twenty-seven properties available. Alternatively, we can just go for the HQ, which I think would probably be faster. After all, we've got to finish in twelve days or less to complete the final criterion for unlocking these bonus missions. No vetoes for this mission as all three of our COs can probably get the job done, but given the words "property capture" and "HQ capture" I think I can guess who you guys will want to pick...

Hey! Come on guys, quit shouting. Take a leaf out of Sami's book. Anyway, yeah, Andy, Max or Sami?

Oh, and one last thing...

Give us a "W"!

Give us a "ha"!

Give us a "t's"!

Give us an "an"!

Give us an... oh, I think you get the picture .