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Part 25: Highlights Reel: Mighty Kanbei! as Sami

Polls closed. The winner is...

Andy 15
Max 5
Sami 28

Sami, by a fair margin, although Andy put up some strong resistance for a while. Speaking of Sami, let's see some highlights of my run through Mighty Kanbei! as her:

So far so good at the end of Day 4 - but I am doing slightly less counterattack damage with my chokepoint units, thanks to Sami's weakness with directs, and I'm worried about what a lack of Hyper Repair is doing to my southern chokepoint.

Especially with Morale Boost.



Luckily I manage to pull together the necessary forces to seal up the hole.

I also managed to pull together an HQ capture on Day 10, just in time to hit the deadline were this in the "bonus mission" run (Kanbei only had two crippled units left, but I was actually having a little bit of trouble finishing them off because of the defence boost from both him and the cities, the healing that the cities provided, and Sami's weak direct attacks.


Only an A-Rank, though, I guess nine days is the cut-off point for an S here.

Proof that it took 10 days.