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Part 45: Highlights Reel: Battle Mystery! as Max (non-derp edition)

Polls closed!


Andy 29
Max 4
Sami 5

Max eliminated!... although let's face it, Sami has been too.


Andy 3
Sami 1


Andy 29 + 3 = 32
Sami 5 + 1 = 6

Andy wins! Good grief. Anyway, before I go off and do that, here, have a highlights reel:

If nothing else, I want to show I can do better than a B-Rank here.

Day 1

Okay, first difference is that I'm not going to dive my sub on turn one this time. That'll draw Drake's cruiser forward, which means I can deal with it at the same time I deal with the submarine, rather than at the same time I deal with the battleship.

Medium tank goes into a lander this time. Should save time to have it as part of my initial landing force, rather than going in with just mechs.

And moving the landers and ground troops up.

Day 2

There's Drake's cruiser, and his sub is dived in the square south of it.

As I can prove with a bit of lander spotting.

Cruiser takes out sub, and my own sub is capable of finishing off the cruiser that my battleship had crippled.

Day 3

Here comes the first of Drake's battleships.

Can't attack it just yet, but my sub moves in close and my other units hang around just out of range of it.

Drake gets Tsunami courtesy of an attack my light tank did.

Day 4

At least my rocket launcher got the chance to heal up (APC's on 9HP because it was on 7 before the healing).

Light tank and sub get some attacks in.

Landers hug the edge of Drake's range while the cruiser hides in his range shadow.

Day 5

Drake decides to retreat his battleship, and because of his +1 move my sub can't keep pace with him.

Good news is that this gives the sub a chance to take out that lander and give me a bit more artillery-free breathing space on the beach up here.

Everyone clusters up.

Day 6

Drake moves his damaged battleship a bit closer.

Thanks, Drake. Battleship down, and I land my medium tank and a mech on the his island.

Day 7

The mech died . But it had the desired effect of drawing Drake's troops forward. And at least I have a medium tank to exploit the situation this time.

First order of business is to take out the biggest threat, Drake's own medium tank. Battleship and middie take it out. While I'm here, that sub's looking a bit low on fuel. I don't want to risk another embarrassing crash-and-burn, so let's send it back for supplies.

Day 8

Sub and APC meet up as my battleship and medium tank continue clearance work.

All this destruction does trigger another Tsunami, though.

Day 9

I could hit back with Max Force...

... but given I can still one-shot Drake's tanks with his middie, I'm inclined to save it for a rainy day.

Day 10

Approaching the HQ. Although it's going to be a Day 12 capture at this rate, which I think is too slow for an S... but it's better than a B.

Day 11

Finally get round to using Max Force...

... although I basically use it for the rather underwhelming act of knocking 6HP off a battleship. Thing is, Max's day-to-day is so ridiculous that I never really notice Max Force's effects that much...

Anyway, let's get this capture done.

Yeah, A-Rank, suffering on Speed. But still, the improvement in Technique is rather notable, I feel. Anyway, with that done, I'm all ready to start on the final leg of AW1's Campaign!