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Part 70: A Very Brief Intermission (Advance Wars 2 War Room - Mial's Hope as Hachi)

A Very Brief Intermission (Advance Wars 2 War Room - Mial's Hope as Hachi)

With any luck the update will be up tomorrow, we recorded the commentary tonight. In the meantime though (and to ensure that the update happens on the next page, because it's pretty huge) I thought I'd talk about something I did the other day.

I was having an argument with a friend about something AW2 related (can't remember what now) so I'd fired it up to check. At which point I remembered that I still had two War Room maps that I hadn't yet beaten. One of them was Mial's Hope, which in AW2 (and probably AWDS as well?) is fought against Sensei. Now, as you may well know, Sensei is my favourite CO. To the extent that I think I'd formed a mental block about actually beating the war room map ("man, how can I beat up Sensei? He's Sensei!" etc.), not to mention that it's a tough map and Sensei is a very tough CO to face. But I was like, "well, I've got this thing switched on, may as well try it."

To increase my chances of victory, I picked Hachi. Yes, I know, I know. But still, there's something fitting about AW's two oldest COs going to fight each other. I didn't do a thorough documentation of it, but I did take some photos at the end:

The northern front. A losing battle, but a losing battle with an important purpose. See that 1HP AA? I'd been keeping that AA alive, in a heavily damaged state, to (naturally) exploit a flaw in the AW2 AI: it just tends to think that one AA, one missile launcher and one fighter is more than enough anti-aircraft cover for a map this size. Even if that AA is on 1HP. As a result, in the south I was able to do...

... this. Why yes, that is a whole bunch of bombers surrounding an HQ-capturing infantry unit. Bombers at least are a unit that infantry and mechs have no answer to (this will prove to be quite relevant in the next AC update, too).

A surprisingly solid score - only two points from an S-Rank - though even with infantry spam I couldn't raise my technique score too high.

And another slot filled in the ol' War Room list. Now the only one left is...

... oh. Oh dear.