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Part 75: Advance Campaign Mission S1: Divide & Conquer! AC

Advance Campaign Mission S1: Divide & Conquer! AC (or "Hostile Takeover")

(ScotchDK added the shades. I did the somewhat more amateurish text. This one's actually from the NC mission title, which you may recall I decided to animate for this mission to show the effect off).

Youtube (15m34s)

With special guest host, Sockerbagarn! Since I've hit a pretty big brick wall in the form of Captain Drake! as Sami, and since Socker proved to be so adept at Kanbei's Error? that he unlocked the Sonja path, he's stepped into the breech by showing off how these missions change in AC... and doing a much better job than me in the process . Joining Socker and myself are Fedule and BrooklynBruiser.

What can I say about this mission? Well, Max starts with one fewer tank than he does in Normal Campaign. Sonja has another rocket launcher deployed, a medium tank hanging out around her HQ, replacing a tank, and a few more general extra bits. On the whole, it doesn't feel that much worse than the original mission, although the original had some nasty twists to it (most generally, that you're up against Sonja in the fog with the horror of Enhanced Vision).

Either way, Socker puts it pretty eloquently:

Sockerbagarn posted:

this is how you draw arrows right, paul?

And he puts me to shame with an S rank (and a rank-up to the heady heights of Grey Cat), and on the whole does some rather neat play. Looking forward to seeing how he handles Sami Marches On! AC (also looking forward to the day I finally get some kind of purchase on Captain Drake! AC, but hey).