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Part 77: Advance Campaign Mission S2: Sami Marches On! AC

Advance Campaign Mission S2: Sami Marches On! AC (or "Mech Trickle")

(Image edits by Sockerbagarn himself)

Youtube Video (16m14s)

Sockerbagarn continues his march through the AC Sonja missions and for those who've been waiting to hear Sami's theme in a video (but were sorely let down by my incompetence), now's your chance. Joining Socker are Sylphid and myself.

Socker's thoughts on the mission:

"Some actual strategy talk on this one since I can't just MAX SMASH my way to victory. The key to easily beating this mission is to not commit too many troops to the southern island. The big forest slows down Sonja - the master of fog of war - a lot. If you keep your battleship on standby to rain down fire upon her troops as they come out of the fog you break their fighting strength before they can amount to much.

"When it comes to Sonja's navy you need to sink her battleship that is on the offence. If you don't overplay your hand you can lure it close and eliminate it in one turn, preventing it from retreating back to Sonja's stronghold. After it is dealt with you can just block up the channel to prevent her sub from getting to your battleship. For the northern island you have a rocket and a md tank to deal with, getting in an early shot on the md tank makes this a cakewalk to deal with. Just make sure you don't stray too close to the south eastern part of the island where Sonja has a battleship. After taking control of the islands just reinforce with some infantry and stroll to victory."

Again, some neat play that, by S-Ranking the mission, ends up making a mockery of my own A-Rank run of this mission on NC (but who had the bigger mech flood? HAH! ). The strategy of just plain ignoring that defensive battleship thanks to Sami's superior capturing works really nicely for him. Here's hoping all goes well for him on Sonja's Goal (and possibly beyond?)