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Part 83: Advance Campaign Mission S3: Sonja's Goal! AC

Advance Campaign Mission S3: Sonja's Goal AC (or "Miniterranean")

(Image edits by Sockerbagarn himself, a particularly fine job this time )

Youtube video (16m44s)

Man, it's been a while. But Socker's here to kick the LP off again, rolling through the final Sonja side-mission. Joining him are Sylphid and myself.

Here's Socker's strategy notes:

"Compared to the previous Sonja mission this one is more straight forward. The strategy I'm going for is an HQ capture and there are a few conceivable approaches. I felt like using a lander to transport my infantry to the HQ was the safest approach, but there are a few things you need to take care of before you can send the lander.

"First we have Sonja's air force consisting of a couple bombers and copters. She is very aggressive with all of these so you can just let her come to you.

"Second, navy. Submarines and battleships are an immediate threat to your lander and have to be destroyed before passage is safe, to make this easier the master of intelligence managed to park one of her subs in battleship range at the start of the mission.

"Third and final is her medium tank that's safeguarding her HQ, if you can get your md tank and battleship up there they can easily tag team it.
What I've failed to mention are the usual omnipresent rocket barrages you'll have to endure in fog of war maps, make sure you don't do anything silly like losing one of your key units to them."

Once more, a nice clean S-Rank for Socker... and so attention turns back to me. Right, well, I've been putting off editing the audio commentary for a 45 minute long video for far too long now. Time to steel myself.