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Part 88: Advance Campaign Mission S5:

Advance Campaign Mission S5: Navel Naval Clash! AC (or "At least Black Hole keeps their bellies clothed... Until Advance Wars 2.")

(animation by Sockerbagarn, "Navel Clash" text by me).

Youtube (15m37s)

I appreciate that after last video you're probably all punned out, but come on. It's a mission called Naval Clash, between two COs known for baring their midriffs. It's pretty much the definition of an open goal. Anyway, Sockerbagarn continues his dismantling of some of the tougher branches of Advance Campaign, taking myself and Sylphid with him.

"A straight forward map as long as you realize you can't go straight forward (or to the right, what I'm trying to say here is that it's not very straight forward?). Drake's HQ looks to be so easily reached (especially compared to the previous map) that you will immediately realize that it's a death trap. There are two rockets overwatching the beach that will set you up to be pulverized by Drake's two medium tanks and the rest of his forces. My strategy is to hit him from the left to drag his forces out of position while bombarding them from the reef outside the main beach. As long as you take care not to get your medium tank hit by a rocket barrage you should be able to clear out his forces for an easy HQ capture.

"First you will want to cripple Drake's navy which is not too challenging. While his navel navy is bigger than yours, half of it can be safely ignored. After you've sunk his sub and offensive battleship your battleship is safe and your submarine can stay near the beach to provide vision. As long as your cruiser knocks out Drake's sub it's ok that it dies, you will have no more use for it and if you time it right Drake won't even get to charge up his tsunami by destroying it.

"As to when you want to land the infantry to capture the HQ it all depends on how reckless you are, land it early and risk getting your landers destroyed or land it late and risk the S-rank. Obviously not getting the S-rank is a fate worse than defeat so I'll go ahead and drop off my infantry straight into the hotzone."

And there we have it! Next time, I'll be entering the final stretch of The Final Battle - took a while for me to get the video edited ready for commentary, as I wanted to do something fancy with it. Ooh, what could that be? Well, I guess you'll all find out .