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Part 91: Advance Campaign Mission S6: Wings of Victory! AC as Sami

Advance Campaign Mission S6: Wings of Victory! AC (or "Diplomacy through Shock and Awe")


Thanks to a bit of rapid deployment, Socker was able to get the next mission ready before I go on holiday. Time for the hardest version of a map with four very similar iterations... Joining him for this is me and... well, that's it actually. At least only having one guest made it quicker to get the video out.

"This map is quite hard to get an S-rank on, sadly for the wrong reasons. The time limit is very unforgiving, you need to have that HQ captured on turn 6 otherwise you'll end up with an icky A-rank or worse. With that corner piece of the puzzle laid down we can continue with the next obvious piece: the T copter. Without using the T copter there's no way to reach Eagle's HQ in time. The T-copter is your most important unit and also the most fragile one, Eagle has two fighters near his base as well as three Anti-Air spread across the map. If at least one of Eagle's fighters fail to move forward during his first turn you will need to hold your T-copter back for one more turn which will most likely mean that you will miss the S-rank deadline. Therefore you need to somehow manipulate Eagle to commit his fighters to an offensive maneuver so that you can knock them out. This is the third and most annoying piece of the puzzle.

"Having removed the airborne threats to your T-copter you can move it across the sea or mountains (watch out for Eagle's mechs!) and get to the enemy's side of the map. There you can find a few conveniently placed forests to hide your capturing force in. Before you try and capture that HQ you will however need to deal with at least one of the two bombers that Eagle has on standby to defend his HQ. You better make sure you don't lose your fighters to Eagle's superior fighters or his Anti-Air units that roam the mountain pass, without them it's impossible to secure the skies around the HQ.

"As you can probably tell the strategy for this mission is quite rote, once you realize that you need to use the T-copter everything else follows without much thought. The challenging part is making Eagle play his part correctly which can be quite frustrating."

And so another mission falls before Socker's competence. Saying that, the difficulties of facing down Eagle in Fog of War are reminding me yet again of what's coming up... ah well. Bridges, crossing them when we come to them, and all that. See you next time.