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Part 95: Advance Campaign Mission S7: Battle Mystery! AC as Sami

Advance Campaign Mission S7: Battle Mystery! AC as Sami (or "You get an S-rank! And you get an S-rank! And you... did what?!")


Welcome back. Battle Mystery! AC for Sami is one of those missions, much like Max's Folly? AC or Andy's Naval Clash! AC, that has a "survive for X days" condition attached to it. This means that, as long as you do survive, it's an instant S-Rank. So Sockerbagarn could have just phoned this one in, collected his S-Rank, and been on his merry way. But that's not our Socker. He has something... special planned.

"If you were wondering, the battle mystery is why they think these kind of maps fit in the advance campaign. Your mission is to defend an infantry unit for eight days which is easily accomplished by flying it over to your island. There's like one way to lose this map and that is if you willingly put your T Copter in range of something that kills it. As long as you avoid that you'll win easily. Here's an example that should make it abundantly clear how easy it is to win this map: A valid strategy is to put your T Copter inside a cruiser! I don't trust any map that lets you get away with that .

"Instead of doing what you're intended to do I decided to spice things up a bit by defeating Drake before the eight days were up. The secret is to neuter Drake's cruisers quickly enough that your T Copter can skip across the water to his HQ area unopposed, then you deploy your CO power to reach the HQ from the forest."

But... but I like putting T copters in cruisers . Okay, yes, I don't do it very much, if at all. I still like that it's a silly little feature in the games.

Either way, good on Socker for finding a way to take a mission that's a mandatory S-Rank and still spice it up . Next time, let's see if he can squeeze an S-Rank out of the mission I C-Ranked myself last time - Andy Times Two! AC. I mean, yes, technically he could just do it off-screen. But I don't think he can pass up an opportunity to show off how Andy Times Two is supposed to be done.