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Part 96: Advance Campaign Mission S8: Andy Times Two! AC as Andy

Advance Campaign Mission S8: Andy Times Two! AC (or "How to fail the Turing test. Times two.")


Technically, Socker didn't have to show this one off. You've already seen me play it. Of course, you've also already seen me C-Rank it. And Socker can hardly abide that...

"Another map with a narrow time limit if you've got a craving for S-ranks. You have only got six days before the HQ must be captured and it will take at least three before your lander reaches the opposite shore. It is also further complicated by your AI "teammate" who makes the actions of your real opponent quite unpredictable. To secure the shore you will want to take care of Andy's two battleships that are staying put on defensive, his rocket will usually stay busy shooting your empty lander so you can hold off on engaging it. If you've got luck on your side you will be able to block off the bridge with your medium tank and trap Andy's entire force on the wrong side of the map. After you've made landfall your infantry will have to travel at least four tiles to get to the HQ, thus you will normally be able to start capturing the HQ on the fifth day and finish on the sixth. The only way to get the flawless 5 day speed limit is to pick Sami and fire off Double Time on day four. Instead I elected to go with Andy because hey, Andy Times Two.

"Since Paul so expertly plucked the low hanging fruit and S-ranked Enigma I'll be skipping ahead and next up will be The Final Battle! And we all know what comes after that."

I can't win with Enigma, if I hadn't S-Ranked it, everyone would have been annoyed because of that . So yeah, we're skipping over that and next time Socker will be taking on Final Battle AC with the ol' Golden Ending team of Andy, Max and Eagle. Hopefully they'll be enough to give him the S-Rank he craves.

And yes, I know all too well what comes after that. The clock is ticking...